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Teeth start to fall by becoming weak if they are not cleaned daily. Teeth become hollow and germs take them into their grip. Consequently, blood and pus starts to exuding from them. There is doubt of pyorrhea if treatment is not done in this case. Gums get dried and foul smell comes from the mouth. Blood keeps on exuding from the teeth. The victim feels too much pain while eating food or drinking cold water.

For reading tips click below links      Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Merc-sol-


    If the gums have become soft after swelling and offensive smell comes out from the mouth, take Merc-sol 6. It helps to remove out swelling and offensive smell.
    2.     Calendula-


      If pyorrhea has occurred in the teeth with bleeding, taking Calendula 30 is beneficial. In the case of pyorrhea, this drug should be used for a long time.
      3.     Kali-carb-


        If the gums have swelled or fall loose due to other disease and the teeth start moving due to loose gums and fall down, taking Kali-carb 30 at an interval of every 4-4 hours is beneficial.
        4.     Staphysagria-


          If the gums become soft after swelling with occurring other symptoms like- bleeding from the gums, coming much saliva in the mouth, becoming the teeth black and rough, etc., Staphysagria 3 or 30 should be used in such symptoms of the patient.
          5.     Gun powder-

          Gun powder-

            If pus secretes from the gums due to boils or swelling, taking Gun powder 3x at an interval of every 4-4 hours provides relief.
            6.     Cistus-


              If the gums start to swelling and pus secretes from it with occurring different symptoms like- feeling coldness in the mouth, having difficulty in allowing the tongue out from the mouth, decaying gums with bleeding and feeling cold in the organs, etc., using Cistus 30 is very effective in such symptoms.
              7. Silicea-


                If the gums have swollen; pain starts in the teeth and gums that gets relief by taking cold or hot things, using Silicea 30 is very effective. This drug is also very useful in the case of boils of the gums.
                8. Kreosote-


                  Kreosote 30 is very useful for the patient in the cases of scratched gums, bleeding by getting hurt or other reasons, becoming the teeth black and rough, etc.