Purple Lippie



Colour: Purple lippie is black.

Taste: It is pungent and fragrant.

Structure: It is a type of medicine, which is like black pepper.

Nature: Purple lippie is dry and cool in nature.

Removing bad effect: Olive oil removes the bad effects of purple lippie.

Compare: It can be compared with small black pepper.

Quality: Purple lippie cures constipation and increases sexual power. It makes the heart, eyes and brain strong. It cures blood diseases, ulcer, pimples and inflammation.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Toothache: Make the fine powder by grinding purple lippie with black peppers and rub it on the affected teeth, it cures toothache.

2. Loose motions: Giving about 2 ml syrup (infusion) of leaves or 120-240 milligrams root of purple lippie to the small children provides relief in loose motions and bloody loose motion.

3. Nose diseases: Feed 1-2 spoons powder of purple lippie’ s leaves to the children 2-3 times in a day regularly; it provides relief in cold and cough.  

4. Bloody diarrhoea: Give 120-240 milligrams ground root of purple lippie to the patient twice a day, it provides relief in bloody diarrhoea.