Pure Ideology



         A person can get success in his life if he has pure ideology. A person faces different kinds of problems and troubles in his life if his ideology is not pure or good and such kind of person passes his life in miseries.

Some tips to keep the ideology pure:

  • All the family members should talk to each other affectionately. In this way, a person can remain far from worldly evils.
  • Avoid from all the bad habits if you want happiness and calmness at home.
  • A person should tell good things to the family members. He should take good knowledge himself too because mind of person becomes mad without knowledge and becomes restless. Life is incomplete without knowledge. 
  • As we need oxygen to breath as good nature and behavior are essential to pass good life.
  • Human life is priceless diamond. Hence, mind and body should be healthy. 
  • If you do not like someone’s nature and behavior, you should not laugh at him but you should forgive his offence. Besides it, you should behave well with him.
  • Remember one thing that a scholar never goes to a mad person and a friend never goes to an angry person. A proud person never gets calmness.
  • You should show kindness over small children, weak women and old persons.
  • You should respect to the saints and scholars.
  • We should not accept failure while doing any work. If you accept failure, failure becomes necessary.
  • If you think that you cannot get knowledge, you will not get knowledge surely.
  • Listen to the good things of saints and sages. You should try to adopt those things in your life if you want salvation.
  • You should never despond because none can get success in the atmosphere of dejection.
  • You should have the feelings of modesty because no success can be attained without modesty.
  • If a person gets success in his mind, he will get success surely.