Pure Babuna



Color: Its leaves are green and flowers are red.

Taste: Its taste is light vapid and fragrant.

Structure: It is an herb. Its size is equal to babuna; that is why shopkeepers use it as babuna.

Nature: It is hot and dry.

Precaution: Taking its’ over quantity may be the cause of body pain.

Removing bed effects: Babuna is used for removing all side effects of it.

Comparison: Babuna pure or marahtthi can be compared with water lily, sweet violet (vanphsa) and anisoon.

Dosage: Babuna pure or marhatthi should be taken in about one gram quantity.


Babuna pure or marhatthi ends internal tumours of the stomach and it eliminates phlegm and Vatta with the loose motions.           

Useful in different diseases:

1. Fever: Taking 3-4 grams decoction (phant) of babuna’s flowers provides relief.

2. Surfeited: Taking 3-4 grams babuna flowers twice a day cure the disease named surfeited and gets rid of pain.

3. Uterus swelling: Boil babuna, petals (gulkand) and aftimoon 10 grams each in 300 ml water until it remains ¼ then filter it and drink. Grind babuna with water and mix castor’s oil in it. Applying this mixture on the abdomen and vagina is useful to end uterus swelling.

4. Dysmenorrhoea: Taking 40 to 80 grams powder of babuna’s flowers twice a day provides relief in the disease pertaining to menstrual excretion and other diseases. It should be used in the quantity of 3 to 4 grams. If one takes it’s over dosage, it may be the cause of vomiting.

5. Weakness: 3-4 grams of babuna flowers should be taken when patient has no excessive weakness.  It use ends weakness and originates excitement in the body.

6. For easy delivery:  Boil babuna, Indian dill fruit (Soya) and both types of sweet marjoram in plentiful water. Get the pregnant woman sit into this water in this way that her navel should sink in water properly. It ends the obstacle because of fatness during delivery.

7. Arthritis: Babuna’s oil should be rubbed on the affected part for the treatment of rheumatism.

8. Hysteria: Giving 30 to 40 grams babuna flowers to the patient of hysteria is beneficial in this disease.