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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

         Pulsatilla is very useful drug to end female disorders. Its effect is very useful. This drug is used much in the Homoepathic medical.

         This is very useful drug to end female disorders as blueness in the eyes, soft in natured, weeping on a trifle, highly in emotions, groaning when consolation and can’t tell her story without screaming. 

         This drug can be used to remove bad effects of Chamomilaa, Quinine, Mercury and sulphur.

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end the symptoms of female who has such signs - weeps on a trifle, can’t tell her symptoms without weeping, tells her signs with weeping, watery eyes at all the times, appearing tears at everything whether it is joy or sorrow; weeping tendency on all the topics, nature of laugh and weep on a trifle and headache that ameliorates to tie a bandage on the head. 

The use of Pulsatilla drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

         The suffered woman has such signs as weeps easily, timid tendency, lack of firm determination, fear from dark and ghosts in the evening when lives alone; crave of sympathy, likes to love, feed, kiss, etc. to the child, lack of zeal, the female patient too much fears unnaturally from the male, like this male patient also fears from female patient; patient is highly emotional, and sensation of delighted days.     

Head-related symptoms: -

        Pulsatilla drug should be used to end such symptoms as headache, aggravation in pain from face to teeth, dizziness, feeling relief in opened air, pain over the forehead and orbits, neuralgia, beginning pain from upside of right temple, head pain due to too much labor and pain on the upper head portion.  

Symptoms related to ear: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is beneficial to end such symptoms- feeling something is pushing outside from the ear, difficulty in hearing, sensation of chocked ear, discharging like a fetid pus from the ear, redden auricle, appearance of swelling on the ear in winters, ears pain that aggravates at night and deficiency in the hearing power.  

Symptoms related to eyes: -

         Pulsatilla is a beneficial drug to end these symptoms as discharging yellow and thick fluid from the eye in large amount, feeling burning sensation with itching in the eyes, coming excessive tears with fluid like mucus from the eyes, burning sensation on the eyelids with stickiness to each other, complaint of stye, excessive enlargement of fundus of theeyes, burning in the eyes of small children, complaint of indigestion along with swelling in old membrane of eye, aggravation in symptoms in the hot room, glaucoma, buring-coals before the eyes, feeling as someone slapped on her cheek and excessive tears dropping from eyes in the opened air.     

Nasal related symptoms: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is considered beneficial to end such symptoms as complaint of cold and catarrh, stoppage of right nostrils, feeling tightness along with pain in the nose root, loss of smelling power, presence of big, green and stink crusts in the nose, chocked nose in the evening, discharging yellow mucus from the nose in the morning, offensive smell with chronic complaint of cold and burning sensation in the nasal bones.

Face related symptoms: -

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end these symptoms- neuralgia on the right sided face along with coming excessive tear from the eyes, swelling on the lower lip, cracked lips, prosopalgia in the evening to midnight and excessive chilled face along with facial pain.   

Symptoms related to mouth: -

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end the symptoms as oily tongue taste, mouth dryness along with lack of thirst, desired of frequent gurgling, incessant licking to dried lips, crack in the lower lips, presence of yellow or white viscous that coated over the tongue, toothache that ameliorates to drink chilled water, stink mouth, bitter taste of food especially chappati, too much sweet salivation, frequent changing in the taste as bitter, bilious, oily, salty and rotten. This drug is also useful in such cases as unable to find the mouth taste and crave of nutritive medicines.  

Stomach-related symptoms: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is beneficial to end any symptoms from these- loath of eating greasy and hot products, eructations, remaining taste on the tongue after taking meal that occurs much after having icy thing, fruits and sweet things as well as the taste of all the things is reduces; complaint of stomachache, sensation of wounds on the skin, stomach flatulence, undesired to eat butter, feeling burning sensation in heart, feeling too much tightness on the stomach after meal along with indigestion, desire of donning loose dress, lack of thirst with many symptoms, vomiting of eaten products, feeling pain in the stomach after one hour of the meal, sensation of a weight like stone on the stomach that aggravates in morning, starve appetite, tremor inside the abdomen and feeling emptiness in the stomach especially who takes tea.  

Abdomen related Symptoms: -

         It is beneficial to use the drug Pulsatilla to end such symptoms as stomach flatulence along with stomach pain and fast rumbling, feeling tightness on abdomen like stone; and feeling cold with stomach pain in the evening.   

Symptoms associated with faeces: -

         Some patients have such type of symptoms as rumbling sound in stomach, diluet loose motion like water that aggravates at night, changing in excrement at each excretion, watery motion after eating the fruits, dry piles along with itching and piercing pain, dysentery with discharging the elements like mucus and blood; sensation of cold and has to go for excretion two or three times in morning. The use of Pulsatilla drug is considered beneficial to end the symptoms such symptoms.      

Symptoms related to Urine: -

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end such symptoms- great desired of urination that aggravates when lie; feeling burning sensation in urinal vent during and after the urinating, enuresis when coughs or excretes at night and fast pain in the bladder during urinating.

Symptoms related to female: -

        The use of Pulsatilla drug is considered beneficial to end any symptoms associated with female as amenorrhoea due to feet sinking into water, nerves weakness or chlorosis; delay in menses along with scanty, thick, blackish and clotty discharge; unnatural discharging in menses along with feeling tightness and pain below the back portion, complaint of retching, disturbed health of the puberties with discharging first menses, appearance of pimples on the face, anaemia, chlorosis, burning in respiratory ducts or symptoms of tuberculosis or a fear of such disease; aggravation in disease day by day, fear of abortion, exudation stops and afterwards starts again with fast discharging, complaint of wrench and suffocation, unconscious, has to take the fresh and open air, aggravation in heart throbbing due to delivery pain, feeling suffocation along with unconscious, has to keep open the windows and doors to get fresh air; discharging inflammable and sharp menses like cream, pain on the back, feeling a fatigue, discharging thick and diluet like milk-cream, appearance of swelling both the sides on the vaginal vent, aggravation in symptoms to lie and complaint of diarrhoea after or during the menstrual excretion.       

Symptoms related to Male: -

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end such type of symptoms as burning in testis along with pain, burning in sperm vessels caused by suppressed menses in coldness or gonorrhoea; swelling on the testis and sperm vessels, haemorrhage from ureter after urinating or suppressed gonorrhoea, discharging yellow and green coloured in gonorrhoea, feeling pain in the penis due to gonorrhoea, discharging thick and yellow fluid from urinal vent along with possibility of spermatorrhoea, strangury, divided streamline of urine, swelling in the prostate gland, feeling pain with jerking while urinating, aggravation in pain to lie on the back and burning in testis and hydrocele of the children,     

Symptoms associated with Piles:-

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end such type of symptoms as complaint of piles along with fierce constipation, pain in the warts, remaining of pain in the warts after 2-3 hours of excretion, restlessness and aggravation in symptoms to lie on the bed in summers while gets relief in the opened air.

Symptoms related to respiratory organs: -

         Pulsatilla proves a beneficial drug to end any type of symptoms as throat irritancy along with sudden lost of voice that becomes moderate itself; attack of cough in the evening and at night, getting of relief to sit after standing from bed, discharging much mucus with cough in the morning, feeling tightness with pain on the chest, pain in digestion system, presence of cough along with strangury, pain in middle of chest, feeling wound on the chest, discharging thick, bitter and green mucus; feeling remote breathing, abnormal palpitation to lie on the left stomach, sensation of suffocation to lie, discharging wet and loose cough in the day while presence of dry cough at night; as much aggravation in cough in the evening as the patient has to take a seat and anger of asthma after suppressing the bile. 

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is considered prompt to end such symptoms as the patient don’t sleep in the evening, feels restlessness due to sleepiness, fatigue after waking up, loss of activness of the body, much sleep after noon and such patient sleeps to keep his hands on the head. 

Symptoms related to back: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is beneficial to end these symptoms as feeling pain in backside of waist and near the neck, pain in middle of shoulders and shooting pain in sacrum after sitting. 

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

         Pulsatilla drug should be used to end such type of symptoms as straining and stressed pain in thighs and legs along with pain in the body parts, sleepiness due to feeling cold, pain in many parts of the body that changes his place suddenly; numbness around the elbow, pain in the joints of hips, complaint of swelling along with tearing pain with stress, feeling of such pain in the heels  as piercing with a tool, aggravation in symptoms to hang the affected part, swelling on the veins of arms and hands, inflammation on the feet, and feeling heaviness and affected legs.    

Symptoms associated with skin diseases: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as attack of Chhapaki after having meal along with delay in menses, complaint of diarrhoea, aggravation in symptoms to put off the clothes, measles and presence of pimples on the face in puberty.

Symptoms associated with fever: -

         The use of Pulsatilla drug is considered very prompt to end such types of symptoms- feeling as much cold as patient feels cold in the hot room, lack of thirst, feeling pain in limitable body parts along with feeling cold, aggravation of pain in the evening, sensation of cold approximately 4:00 P.M. that is unbearable, warmth in the body parts at night, feeling cold in some body parts, painful perspiration in one sided body, complaint of headache in absence of fever, diarrhoea, lack of appetite and feeling of nauseate.

Aggravation: -

         The symptoms aggravate from infected food, greasy food, after taking meal and noon, in the hot room, to lie on left or painless stomach, to hang the feet and from heat.

Amelioration: -

         The symptoms ameliorate from move in opened air, chilled products and chilled food and beverage. 

Relation: -

  • Pulsatilla drug is used to end these new diseases that can also be cured by using Sylishia drug. Therefore, some qualities of silicea drug can be compared with this drug.  
  • Kali-Muriaticum is an excellent drug before and after using Pulsatilla drug.
  • Pulsatilla is the best drug to start the treatment of chronic disease.
  • Pulsatilla drug is used to end troubles caused by taking any tonic.
  • Pulsatilla drug is used for destroying the Side-effect of chamomilla, mercurius, tea and sulphur.

Complementary drugs: -

         Scilla, Sulph-acid, lyco and kali.


         Patient should use 3rd to 30th potency of Pulsatilla drug to end the symptoms.