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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

          Ptelea is very useful drug to end the symptoms related to liver and stomach, feeling heaviness along with pain in the liver region and aggravation in pain to lie on left stomach. This drug can be used to cure asthma.

       Ptelea drug is used on a small level in the medical field, also then this drug is very beneficial in special symptoms. This drug cures chronic liver fault, diarrhoea, stomachache, indigestion, disgust, constipation and gastric troubles

The use of Ptelea drug in various symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

          Ptelea drug should be used to end such symptoms as condition of illusion, inability of head working properly, feeling pain from forehead to nose root, feeling pain to press the outer part of nose, pain in the forehead, aggravation in symptoms in noisy surround, by moving and to rub the eyes with oneself, complaint of acidity and feeling pain in the temples.    

Symptoms related to mouth: -

          The use of Ptelea drug is beneficial to end such symptoms as redden discharging from mouth along with dry and bitter tongue taste, presence of white or yellow coat on the tongue, feeling rough and dry tongue, redden and thorny tongue and complaint of brown and yellow coat on the tongue.  

Symptoms related to stomach: -

          Ptelea is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as feeling along with fullness, wrench in the digestion system with dry mouth, eructations with retching and vomiting, gastric ulcer with burning and feeling warmth; sensation of emptiness in stomach at the meal and symptoms related to stomach and liver along with painful body parts.  

Symptoms related to Liver: -

          Ptelea is considered beneficial drug to end such symptoms as slight liver pain, consolation to lie on right stomach, stabbing pain in the liver and aggravation in symptoms to deep breathe.

Abdomen related symptoms: -

          Ptelea drug should be used to end such symptoms as feeling excessive heaviness along with pain on the right abdomen side, stomachache, desired of eating bitter things, disliking for butter and greasy things, aggravation in troubles of liver and abdomen after the meal and in the morning, consolation to lie on right stomach side, renal pain along with swelling, feeling intolerable pain, a feeling as the stomach is swamping; bitter eructations, retching due to bitter bile, abdominal burning and such feeling as the stone is kept on stomach.  

Symptoms related to respiratory organs: -

          The use of Ptelea drug is beneficial in such cases as feeling tightness on lungs when lies on the back, difficulty in breathing and asthma along with difficult breathing and spasmodic heart with pain. 

Symptoms related to sleep: -

          The patient suffers from insomnia and dreams horror and sorrowful. He feels fatigue after waking up and loses his energy. For the treatment of such patient, use Ptelea drug.

Aggravation: -

          The symptoms aggravate from any movement, to live in hot room, after the meal, to lie on left stomach and in the morning.

Amelioration: -

          The symptoms are ameliorated to lie on right stomach and to eat bitter things. The liver pain is ameliorated to live in opened air.

Relation: -

          Some qualities of Magnesium, Nux, Chelidonium and Mercurius drugs can be compared with Ptelea drug.

Dose: -

          Ptelea drug should be used in 1 to 30 potencies to end the symptoms.