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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

        Psorinum drug is made from juice of eczema or scabies. This is the best anti-soric drug which acts complicatedly. This drug is like Sulphur drug. 

        If a chronic disease has not been getting well to any definite drug like sulphur, use Psorinum drug. It heals the malady. 

        Only single dose of Psorinum drug provides relief in the morbid body caused by no existence of any special region after healing a benign disease. 

        Such patient who is very dirty and doesn’t care of cleanness; his hands, feet and skin of the body shine with dirt, looking filth skin and everyone hate to the patient. Patient has a fear to wash the body and the skin diseases aggravate from washing and warmth of bed. He gets more itching to wear hot clothes and itches until the blood appears while the scabies is not ended. He has a smell in the body in spite of taking bath and suffers from painful body and hurt caused by a small wrench. The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to end such symptoms.     

        The patient feels more troubles from chilled air or weather changing. He likes to cover the head with warm clothes in the hard summer and feels problems from hair cutting. Patient is very uncomfortable from storm or thundering bolt and lightening. The crusty and dry pimples appear in winter season while disappear in the summers.  

        Psorinum drug should be used to cure scabies or other troubles caused by disappearing any skin disease that can’t be healed with Sulphur drug.

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as a doubt of accident or misfortune in the future, imagination a lots of tensions like this, very despair, thoughts of suicide but thinks like he will not get the salvation and thoughts of indomitable disease, definite death and unsuccessfully business.   

        The use of Psorinum drug proves beneficial to end the symptoms as sleepiness at day and night during the disease of children, giving troubles to all and joyful playing in the day while restless at night. 

The use of Psorinum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

        The patient is very despair and has not hope to free from illness. He is grief, serious, stable and fanatic and wants suicide.  

Head-related symptoms: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as head pain along with black and round flecks before the eyes, dazzling and obscuration in eyes, feeling very appetite during headache, feeling relief to eat and beginning headache after stoppage of menstrual excretion or any type of skin disease. 

Symptoms related to skull: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is considered beneficial to end such symptoms- crops of pustule pimples on the scalp, discharging stink pus from pimples and the hair stick with pus to each other after blasting these pimples.   

Ear-related symptoms: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to end such symptoms- presence of pimples with sticky water around the ear and discharging stink pus like rotten meal from the ear.

Facial symptoms: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as presence of different pimples on the face, pimples on the women face during menses, feeling appetite at midnight in presence of these symptoms, having need of eating something at night and eructations like rotten eggs. 

Symptoms related to throat: -

        Psorinum drug is a beneficial to end such symptoms as burning in throat, swollen tonsils with pain and burning, difficulty in swallowing something, feeling pain in the ear when swallow, feeling problems in tonsils at all time and feeling very bad caused by discharging stink mucus from the throat.  

Symptoms associated with loose-motion: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as frequent excretion to the patient suffered from chronic diluet loose-motion, fetid excrement, aggravation in symptoms from 1 to 4 O’clock at night, cholera infantum and very fetid feaces.  

Symptoms associated with constipation: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is suitable in complaint of constipation along with straining during excretion.

Symptoms associated with gonorrhoea: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as indomitable gonorrhoea, appearance of pus marks on the clothes and fast odour from sweat of genitals. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:

        If a woman has any symptom from these- long-lasting discharging from uterus, discharging quite redden blood after some weeks of abortion and appearing placenta that increases by a little move of woman; chillness and looseness at over uterus, fetid discharge during leucorrhoea, long-staying menses, harden controlled vomiting and fast movement of womb during pregnancy and other diseases during pregnancy, use Psorinum drug. It is beneficial to end such symptoms.

Symptoms associated with asthma: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as sensation of relief to lie or to extend the hands during asthma, aggravation in symptoms to bring the hands near the body and to live in opened air, difficulty in breathing, aggravation in symptoms to sit after lying and presence of wound below the sternum.

Symptoms related to respiration: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as difficulty in breathing, feeling relief to sit, lay and to extend the arms, pain in the chest with hard and, feeling weakness, presence of wound below the sternum, feeling pain in the chest and relief to lie.

Symptoms associated with cough: -

        Psorinum is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as attack of cough in winters, cough caused by rain that occurs after ending eczema or scabies, aggravation in symptoms after waking up in morning and at lying in evening; has to cough for long time to exit the mucus and secretion of yellow or vegetarian colored mucus with salty taste.  

Symptoms related to skin diseases: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to cure many types of skin diseases as scabies, stink eczema, itching, abuse of zinc ointment on the skin and presence of pimples around the nails of hand fingers.  

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as weakness in the bone joints, such feeling as the joints will not joint again, presence of wounds around the nails of hand fingers and fetid sweating from the feet.   

Symptoms related to faeces: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end the symptoms- discharging mucus, blood and bright fluid with excrement, fetid and severe faeces, difficulty in excretion along with bleeding from rectum and burning piles.

Symptoms associated with sleep: -

        The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial in sleepiness due to body itching at night and dreams of thief and dacoits.

Symptoms associated with fever: -

        Psorinum drug is a prompt drug in all the types of fever especially typhoid, chronic fever that is long-lasting and indomitable, fever caused by suppressed eczema or pimples and indomitable typhoid. 

Symptoms associated with cold: -

        Psorinum drug should be used to end attack of cough when drinks chilled water. 

Symptoms associated with heat: -

        Psorinum drug proves beneficial drug to end the symptoms- fever due to car-riding, presence of fever in evening along with unconscious and over thirst

Symptoms associated with sweat: -

        The use of Psorinum drug proves beneficial to end the symptoms as feeling of very weakness in the body due to over perspiration when walk and amelioration in troubles after perspiration. 

Relation: -

  • Allium, Hepar, Borax, Sulphur and Tuberculinum drugs also proves effective besides the Psorinum drug.
  • Psorinum is also useful drug to end retching during pregnancy besides lactic acit drug.
  • The use of Psorinum drug is beneficial to cure any type of hurt in the ovary besides Arnica drug.
  • Sulphur drug is also useful to cure breast cancer besides Psorinum drug.

Complementary drug: -

        Sulphur and Tuberculinum.

Adverse drug: -                                       

        Crotal, Lachesis, Epis and snake poison (Sarp Vish).

Aggravation: -

        The symptoms aggravate in the evening, to live in opened air before midnight, in the stormy days, by thundering the bolt and sitting.

Amelioration: -

        The symptoms ameliorate to live in room, to lie, from a moving and to perspiration.

Dose: -

        Psorinum drug should be used in higher potencies than 200th to end the symptoms. This drug should not be used again and again. It activates within nine days, so only one dose is enough for many weeks.