Psoriasis is a type of skin disease. In this disease, swelling of the skin becomes chronic, red marks appear on the skin on which, white shiny scabs are formed. In the initial stage of this disease, these marks are small and scabs on which can be scratched easily by nails. Bleeding starts on the skin after removing these scabs. Slowly these marks begin to enlarge and are multiplied on the entire body except the palms and soles. In this disease, red or silver white layered spots are formed on the skin. Mostly this disease occurred in between 15 to 30 years old peoples, but sometimes this disease occurs below the age of 10 years too.    


Psoriasis often starts on the skin of arms, behind the legs, elbow and around knee, etc. The eruptions of this disease are constantly dry. Psoriasis is not an infectious disease. It is generated mostly in the winter season. There is no any sensation in the eruptions of this disease. Sometimes, patient feels pain, itching and burning sensation in the joints. Red and dry blotches are formed on the skin in circles which are of several types. In the beginning, these blotches are covered with layers and when these layers are removed then pointed eruptions appear on that place with accumulation of blood. This disease also affects the joints especially on the fingers joints. In the condition of this disease, nails become dark brownish black.          


There is no any substantial reason has found of psoriasis. It can be hereditary or due to arthritis, gastric problems, constipation or by absence of sun rays, etc. This disease occurs due to much excitement, scientific and sentimental pressure, living in the cold weather, injury and septic defects, etc. This disease can occur due to using Lithium, Steroids, Braphen, anti-malaria, Adrenal, etc. drugs widely.


  • The patient should protect himself from any excitement reasons.
  • The patient can get relief from disease on the hot place.
  • Do not drink even in a little quantity.
  • The patient should take always nutritious and the diet contains appropriate vitamins and should take regular exercise.

For reading tips click below links Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1.     Hydrocotyle:-


    In the condition of psoriasis, the skin of the patient becomes dry and thick after swelling, scabs goes on removing from skin, round marks are formed on the hands and legs, palms, soles, etc. with erupted edges. Therefore, Hydrocotyle 6 should be taken in such symptoms.
    2.     Sulphur:-


      Starting the treatment of psoriasis with the high potency of Sulphur is very effective. After taking this drug, patient should not take any other drugs for 15-20 days. After 15-20 days, other drugs can be used if necessary.
      3.     Cicuta-virosa:-


        In the condition of psoriasis on the ears, taking Cicuta-virosa 6, 30 or 200 is very effective.
        4.     Arsenic-bromide:-


          This drug is known to be very effective for psoriasis. In this disease, if scabs remove, pimples appear on the face then Arsenic-bromide 3 or 2 to 5 drops of its mother tincture should be taken daily.
          5.     Petroleum:-


            Using Petroleum is very effective in the condition of rough or cracked fingers point, cracked skin in the winter season. Taking Petroleum 30 is beneficial in the condition of occurring psoriasis in the glands of testicles.
            6.     Arsenic:-


              This drug is very useful in the beginning of psoriasis and its chronicle stage. If the patient feels relief by foment in the condition of psoriasis, if troubles of the patient are aggravated in the cold weather or by wetting, feeling too much restlessness, feeling thirsty continuously, etc. then giving Arsenic 30 at an interval of every 4-4 hours provides relief.
              7. Radium-brom:-


                This drug acts better on the skin. If the patient has been suffering from itching on the entire body, burning sensation on the skin as if fire has been go on then 30 potency of this drug can be taken. This drug cures itch of all the part weather it generates on the anus, on female reproductive organs or on anywhere.