The main important element of food is protein. Its appropriate quantity in the food helps in the formation and repairing of body cells for the whole life. Protein includes carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur. Phosphorus can also found in it. Nitrogen is present in enough quantity in protein. There are two types of protein- protein obtained from animal and protein obtained from fruits, vegetables and grains, etc. If extra protein present in the body, it comes out with stools. Yet, the body requires protein for daily works. But it is also necessary to be careful that protein more than need (required) can be harmful instead of beneficial. If the body suffers from deficiency of protein even after taking good diet, it is important to fulfill this requirement by providing protein artificially. According to world health organization, human needs 1 g protein in the ratio of per kg of body weight as- if a person’s weight is 50 kg, 50 g of protein is needed for him daily. Protein is found in both vegetable and non-vegetable diet. If both types of diet are taken together, appropriate quantity of protein can be provided to the body. Medical scientists have proved that the body remains disease free if vital elements are not decreased in the body. To prevent infectious diseases, protein is needed additionally.

Sources of protein-

          The quality protein present in white part inside an egg, milk, curd, cheese, fish, meat, liver, kidneys and brain. Other type of protein is found in pulses, green vegetables, grains, etc.

Protein in eggs

S. No




An whole egg

13.0 %


White part inside egg

10.5 %



17.0 %

Protein in milk

S. No

Name of animal



Cow’s milk

3.4 %


Goat’s milk

4.4 %


Sheep’s milk

6.7 %


Buffalo’s milk

5.9 %


Woman milk

1.7 %

Necessity of protein-

  • Children need additional protein for growing their body.  
  • In old age too, protein is needed additionally, because in this age, protein is digested easily. If the quantity of protein decreased in this age, vital power is also decreased. Thus, protein is added additionally in foods in this age. 
  • During pregnancy, mother as well as baby growing inside her womb needs additional protein. Protein is important for body growth of the baby nourished inside the womb. In this stage, deficiency of protein can affects badly to the mother as well as baby inside the womb. Therefore, it is very important that foods having enough protein given to the mother during pregnancy.
  • As well as protein is needed additionally for mother during pregnancy period, the mother feeding her baby also needs protein. Lack of protein in this stage can affects badly both the health of mother and baby. Both types of protein should be given to a pregnant and the woman who feeds her baby. 
  • After diseases, the patient has lost his body strength. In this stage, he becomes helpless and weak. The body fibers, cells, etc. have affected badly. So, for providing new vital power and strength to him, both types of protein should be given additionally so that he can get lost body strength again. The patient who does not get appropriate protein after disease or operation (surgery), it can be possible to occurring disease again. The patient’s body already has become weak and if his diet is not proper too, his body strength loses more and disease occurs again.