Prostatorrhea means ejection of semen itself. Semen of a man comes out with urine in this disease. Causes of this disease are as the causes of nightfall.

What is Prostatorrhea?

When penis of a man is in erect position or it is excited, a kind of white mucus comes out from the mouth of the penis and the color of this excretion is like water. This mucus does not come out whereas the penis remains in erect position for long time. If the man does not make sexual relation, this mucus comes out from the penis. It is called prostatic secretion. This mucus has no semen. This secretion is made by nature to wet the pipe of the penis so that the penis may not scratch because of the fast movement of the semen.    

Many young boys destroy their semen through masturbation or by other ways. Besides it, they keep on losing in sexual relation with girls in their own imagination or they keep on involving in lovemaking. In such kinds of situations, prostatic secretion starts to come out in large quantity. After sometime, this secretion starts to come out as a man thinks or imagine about a girl. This secrtion comes out from the penis on a large scale. In this way, sexual excitement of a man cools down after this secretion. This disease is called shukarmeh in hindi and Prostatorrhea in Engilish.

Some infomation about Prostatorrhea:-

  • Note down one thing necessarily that when and how many times prostatic secretion comes out. Know about the color whether it is like water or milk. The secretion is thick or thin. It comes out before urine or after urine and it comes out as the victim thinks about a girl. If it comes out after meal at night, how much the time is its occurrence? If it comes out while evacuating with urine, is it due to constipation. Such things find out the several conditions of the disease.
  • If it comes out after 3-4 hours of meal, it should be considered that digestion system is disturbed. Many doctors frighten innocent young boy by saying that bone is grinding. In reality, it is because of heavy meal and weak digestion system. It is called fastfats. If the disease disappears after getting well of the digestion system, urine of the patient becomes pale.
  • Many doctors say to the patients to fill the urine in a bottle to check up it. If something gets gathered in the bottom of the bottle, it is considered that the man has been suffering from Prostatorrhea according to doctor. In reality, this check up is not just by any way because if food is not digested properly, substances get gathered in the bottle. Undigested food is too much in the urine of a patient than a healthy man. This thing is quite wrong that this substance is semen.
  • The patient should give too much pressure at the time of evacuation. Evacuation as much stool as it comes out easily. There is no need to be worried if the victim goes for evacuation 2-3 times.
  • If there is no problem like nightfall in a man but sometimes he feels that semen is excreting with urine, there is no need to be worried because it happens with the healthy men occasionally.


          Grind asparagus, liquorice and salab-sugar candy each 50 grams, bamboo manna, seeds of small cardamom and cubeb each 25 grams and 4 grams bangbhasm separately. Mix this preparation with 60 grams berk of silver. Take 60 grams this preparation with cow urine evening and morning. Its use cures oldest Prostatorrhea.

Shukrameh dhatu girana