Prostate gland disorders



        Only men become the victim of this disease because prostrate gland is found only in males. This gland keeps on covering the neck of urinary bladder and upper portion of the urinary duct. White, glutinous and thick substance keeps on exuding from this gland. When a person becomes excited, sperms reach into the prostate at that time. This glutinous substance helps to sustain their life and to eject them. When this gland becomes enlarged, an obstruction arises in the urinary bladder and in the activities of urinary duct.

Symptoms of enlarged gland:

  • The stream of urine becomes thin when prostrate gland enlarges. Urine passes with great difficulty.
  • The patient has to go many times to pass urine at night.
  • If the patient does not pass urine completely at one time, he has to go many times for urination. Urine passes drop by drop in this disease.
  • The patient is unable to evacuate urine and stool in this disease.
  • The patient of this disease suffers from headache, nervousness, exhaustion, nervousness, irritation, flabbiness in the penis and excessive weakness.

Causes of enlarged prostrate:

  • Use of polluted meal or wrong eating habits may be the cause of enlarged prostrate.
  • A person can become the patient of this disease because of excessive mental depression, excessive anxiety and rage.
  • Excessive use of intoxicating substances may be the cause of enlarged prostrate gland.

Constipation may be the cause of this disease.

  • Suppression of urine and stool may be the cause of this disease.
  • The pressure comes on the abdominal region by doing work in the sitting posture for long time. In this situation, swelling comes on the prostrate gland and the affected person becomes the victim of this disease.

Treatment of enlarged prostrate gland in naturopathy:

  • First, all the causes of the origin this disease should be removed and thereafter the treatment should be started according to naturopathy.
  • The patient should keep fast for two days for the treatment of enlarged prostrate. Thereafter, light meal of fruits and vegetables should be taken for ten days regularly.
  • Lemon juice mixed water should be drunk in excessive quantity by the patient of this disease. Drinking coriander water or coconut water proves beneficial in this disease. 
  • Drinking the juice of cabbage, water melon, cucumber (kheera), white ash guard, carrot, pine apple is very beneficial in this disease named enlarged prostrate gland.
  • The patient of this disease should not take polluted meal, stimulating foodstuff, sweet, ghee, fried foodstuffs at any rate.
  • If the patient has been suffering from constipation, it should be treated first. Thereafter, start the treatment of this disease. 
  • Boil equal quantity of pulse of kulthi and spinach in water properly to make a decoction. The disease is cured within some days by drinking this decoction in the morning and evening.
  • Immerse two figs in water regularly. Eat these figs in the morning and evening. After that, the water in which figs have been immersed should be drunk. The disease named enlarged prostrate gland is cured.