Introduction: -

            Propylamin-Trimethylaminum drug is used to eliminate joints pain. To use this drug in fast body pain along with fever and more troubles eliminates the pain with in 1-2 days. 

The use of Propylamin-Trimethylaminum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

         Propylamin-Trimethylaminum drug should be used to end any symptoms as pain in the wrists and ankles, aggravation in pain from very much movement, feeling thirst along with restlessness, joints pain, feeling excessive weighty needle to hold with fingers; sensation of itching and numbness in the fingers, pain of wrists and ankles and inability to stand properly. 

Relation: -

            Some qualities of Chenopodium vulvaria drug can be compared with Propylamin-Trimethylaminum drug.

Dose: -

            Mix 6 ounce Propylamin-Trimethylaminum drug with water. 10-15 drops of its mother tincture should be used in one tbsp. Quantity each two hours interval to end the symptoms.