Prolonged bleeding after childbirth



          In this disease, there is prolonged bleeding from the vagina of the woman after childbirth. Blood flows out in excessive quantity in the beginning in red color. Quantity of bleeding reduces after sometime and its color change into white like pus.  Foul smell comes from this bleeding too because of which the woman has to face excessive trouble. The woman feels excessive thirst in this disease and excessive sweat comes out from her body. She becomes the victim of fever due to this reason. Hands and feet of her become cold if she suffers from excessive bleeding for 7-10 minutes. She feels difficulty in breathing. Sometimes, this disease may be the cause of death too.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • Having drenched cotton piece in the hot water, the victim vagina should be cleansed by it properly twice a day. If it is done, uterus and other organs near about the vagina return in their natural stage. Thus, bleeding from the vagina stops.   
  • Both the legs of the victim woman should be kept in lukewarm water and along with cold sitz bath should be given to her. If cold sitz bath is not possible for the woman, hip-bath (Kati-Snan) should be given.
  • Drench an old bed sheet in too much cold water and wring it. Thereafter, wrap this bed sheet from her knees to naval on half portion. Mention one thing while wrapping the bed sheet that inner side of the thighs, the portion from vagina to anus and the lower portion of buttocks should be touched with a cold bed sheet. Uterus contracts after the use of the cold wet bed sheet. Thus, bleeding from the vagina stops. 
  • If the woman has been suffering from excessive cold, cold sitz bath (Mehen Snan) or hip-bath (Kati-Snan) should not be given to her but the use of a bed sheet is very beneficial in spite of it.  
  • If the woman has been suffering from cold, try to make her hands and feet warm along with the use of a bed sheet. At this time, the breast of the woman should be fomented with a hot and cold soft thing one by one. Thus, the uterus of woman contracts and bleeding from the vagina stops.
  • If the woman has been suffering from bleeding because of the delay in falling of placenta, an effort should be done to fall the placenta. Hence, this disease should be treated with nature therapy. Thus, bleeding stops itself.
  • If the woman has been suffering from bleeding after 24 hours of delivery, it happens because of the weakness of the body. Hence, try to end the weakness of the body of the woman. If it is done, she does not suffer from bleeding.
  • A cold bandage should be applied on the navel of victim woman for half an hour. This bandage should be changed twice or thrice a day. Keep this bandage as bleeding starts. This bandage should be kept on the naval at night. Thus, bleeding stops after the use of this formula.
  • If a woman has become weak due to excessive bleeding, make the woman lie on the cot and keep a pillow under her head. In addition to, the head side of the cot should be eight inches high so that the woman may not be the victim unconsciousness due the lack of blood. 
  • If the woman has been suffering from excessive bleeding again, hot milk should be given to her to drink at the regular intervals of two hours. Besides, the juice of fruits and water should be given to the woman to drink. A woman gets rid of this disease if treatment is done by nature therapy as mentioned above.