Problems of Female Body after Delivery


Pregnancy articles:


        The women have been exhorted too much after giving birth to young ones. So, she should need to take enough rest after delivery.

        when the woman looks her baby, she observes the signs of physical debility in her baby like- facial swelling, suppressing the eyes inwards, hairs on the body, abnormal color its body, presence of scabs on its head, less weight, etc, but as the time goes on passing, the baby is become normal. Therefore, she should not need to be worried about such signs. After delivery, she should need to take proper rest, complete sleep, excrete out clearly as well as should eat light foods. In case of stitches, it is very important to keep that area neat and clean otherwise the stitches are being opened after becoming worse in condition. Catgut is used for stitches which are disappeared after healing the wounds. The stitches done by the catgut is being pricked by its edge, but the stitches of silk do not generate pricking sensation, but we have to cut it. 

       The stitches should be cleaned with the help of cotton soaked with lukewarm water added any antiseptic medicine in it 2 times a day and then medicine should be applied on them.

        Normally, when she washes her anus, sometimes her hands are touched on the stitches by mistake which may affect the stitches badly and it may be responsible for any undesired miss happening. Therefore, the women should be careful especially while washing the anus.

        Many changes are come in the body of fair sexes after giving birth to young ones like- increasing the size of her breasts, increment of milk in the breasts, feeling pain in the breasts, leakage of milk from the breasts while sleeping due to being pressurized them, lightness of the stomach, mental and physical tiredness, etc.

        When she nourishes her baby with her breasts first time, she feels a type of sensation in her body that causes little toughness and pain in the breasts. Just after sucking milk by her baby, hormones come with sensation due to which both her breasts and uterus start contracting. In this way, the baby becomes able to suck the mammary glands of its mother. If she feels pain in her breasts due to additional milk, milk should be released out by pressing the breasts as well as the breasts should be fomented with lukewarm water. It eliminates pain of the breasts.

        The body of delivered woman is become loose and weak due to stitches causing much pain while sitting. Therefore, should use comfortable mattress for sitting.    

        After delivery, the body muscles of delivered woman take about 40 days in recovering earlier condition. Thus, she should take enough rest up to 40 days after giving birth to young ones.

        Most of the women do not care their body after delivery resulting pain goes on taking place in the body especially in their waist and in the lower part of it. Pain may be found also in perineum. In this condition, a person should be present for helping that suffered woman who could care the baby, change its clothes, give bath, wash baby’s clothes and could help in other works.

Few precautions to be followed necessarily after delivery-   

  •  The delivered woman should be careful especially about the cleanliness of her body
  • She should take light and easily digestible foods after delivery.
  • Perineum should be kept clean as well as she should wash her anus with soap and lukewarm water regularly. 
  • The stitches fitted at the time of delivery should be kept clean and antibiotic tube (medicine) should be used.
  • She should use minimum medicine for body pain after delivery.
  • She should use minimum medicine for sleep.
  • She should not move her both legs together at the time of standing from a bed.
  • After delivery, the woman becomes weak, so she should not remain in standing position for a long time.
  • She should need to walk daily in the morning.
  • She should keep her knees straight, but should go on bending them time-to-time so that hips and knees could remain in running position.
  • After delivery, the delivered woman should go on moving her knees as right to leftward and frontward to backward.
  • She should not lift heavy weight up to few days after delivery, because it may be harmful for her.
  • If she is suffering from cough or constipation, she should need to treat it immediately otherwise it may be harmful for that woman and her baby.
  • She should not do any work in bending posture, because due to it, the stomach may be hanged down.
  • Elbows and shoulders should be kept as loose.
  • If she should have to take any object by bending her body due to any reason, she should take that object by bending her knees, but the object should not be too heavy as well as she should keep her waist as straight.
  • She should allow any particular person for massaging her body with quality oil regularly so that the body could
  • remain active and the marks on the body could go on decreasing progressively.
  • She should take balanced diet having less spices and fat.
  • She should also go on taking exercise to keep her body fit. The exercise of perineum is very necessary otherwise she may loose her control on urination.
  • if her weight has increased after delivery, she should try to loss her weight. Vibrator should be used to maintain her stomach and hips. 
  • Little exercise should be taken after delivery. She should not do hard exercise suddenly. It may harm her body.