Problem of divorce


Nowadays, divorce between husband and wife has become a main problem. Main causes of this problem are grudge, bitterness, sex related problems and difference in thinking between husband and wife.  

If married life of both husband and wife is not running smoothly, either one between the two or both adopt divorce.  This problem is not new because it is present in the society since ancient time viz since the time of Adam and Eve. However, the difference is only that today social structure has changed fully because of which mutual disagreements appear as a big problem.    

Mostly, it was not noticed in ancient time because moral, social and religious recognition were dominant at that time. On the contrary, not only such recognitions have lost its value today but also law has permitted it. Therefore, both husband and wife break their married life by taking the help of divorce. This is the reason that now we have many expectations from marriage than the previous time. Nowadays, more and more people have been adopting social and cultural changes in a wrong way.       

Generally, it is said that the responsibility of disagreement of married life depends either on the personality of man or marital bond or internal sexual relations. A divergence mentioned above can be the cause of this problem.  

We know that both husband and wife should make their characters according to each other if they want harmonious married life. Married life of a couple depends on their successes and failures as well as characters and ways of thinking. Mostly, it is observed that immature persons, victims of neural disorders and mentally disturbed person do not accordance with human relations. A woman, who has a lack of confidence always, will go at her father’s house or her friend’s home if there is a tiny dispute with her husband.   

Mostly it is observed that character of man changes after marriage and the cause of this change is the connection of a new bond after marriage. Some people become more experienced after marriage because of happy atmosphere of married life, new consciousness and with the feeling of security but there is doubt of this thing that whether they will fulfill their promises after marriage or not which were made before marriage.

Several experienced persons say that if both husband and wife are cooperative and have tolerance power as well as sympathy for each other, they will prove good husband and wife. If a man is irresponsible and dominant, there is no change in him after marriage too. A man with dominant nature thinks that he will mould her life partner according to him surely but it does not happen. Generally, he gets only despair in this situation.  

Many men and women do not know the meaning of marriage. They do not know that it is one’s duty to please his/her life partner. They give importance only their pleasure and this is the reason that their life partners face problems. This is the time when disagreement between the two takes birth. This disagreement between husbands and wives becomes the cause of divorce.

Many persons pass their married life smoothly and happily though circumstances are adverse. They remain far from all the difficulties and problems relating to married life because of their attitudes and recognitions. On the contrary, all the people, who do not pass their married life according to circumstances, face the problem of divorce.

Married life of a man depends on his attitude and way of thinking. If a man gets married with opposite natured girl and the girl is not able to mould her according to husband, there is a big doubt of divorce. Here one thing becomes clear that a man should marry with same natured girl if he has to pass happy married life.

As a man grows as he develops mentally, physically and emotionally. Some persons grow gradually whereas some grows rapidly. Many persons show the glimpse of childhood by their activities and experiences. Such kinds of changes take place in woman too along with man. If both husband and wife is fully developed both mentally and physically, there is no fear to divorce. On the other hand, if there is a disturbance in growth either in man or in woman, there is big doubt of divorce.

If one between husband and wife has been suffering from any sexual disease or sexual weakness, they cannot satisfy to each other. Often, this dissatisfaction becomes the cause of reciprocal disputes and quarrels. If such kinds of disputes take place regularly, there is a big doubt of divorce between the husband and wife.  

Many persons are strong emotionally and they develop the feeling of freedom. They get self-confidence and ability to solve personal problems. Besides it, they can take their decisions themselves. They become able to know the reality. A man of this kind neither takes the help of fancies nor intoxicating drugs and tranquilizing products. If a man is emotionally strong, he can show love towards other in a better way. Generally, it is observed that a child demands those things, which satisfy his desires and necessities. A child has a little feeling to share his love whereas love of adult person is quite different. An adult person has feelings to share his experiences, ideas, emotions and rights.     

A person not only gets happiness but also he shares happiness to his loveable persons. This form of love is essential for happy married life. If a person gives more importance to himself than the other, it becomes harmful for married life of a couple. Tiny disputes take place between husband and wife in this situation. If this situation is not solved soon, there is a big doubt of divorce.  

There may be several causes of disputes between husband and wife. All the causes can be divided into three categories.

1.    Difference in thinking and deeds between husband and wife:-

Nature, thinking and interest of husband and wife are sometimes quite different to each other. There is no resemblance between their ideas and deeds. This is the reason that there is lack of love between husband and wife. Feelings of dissatisfaction start to produce in both husband and wife. They choose the way of divorce to get rid of their problems.     

2.    Obstruction towards deeds between husband and wife:-

This is the main cause of divorce because if this feeling may generate in any between husband and wife, another will not become happy and try to demoralize. In this way, a dispute takes birth between husband and wife. Finally, both husband and wife become compel to forward on the path of divorce.

3.    External cause between husband and wife:-

Problem relating to money and society, hindrances produced by the parents between husband and wife, failures in sexual relations and origin of illegal sexual relation due to this reason can be the other causes of divorce.  

Sometimes, sexual weakness becomes the cause of divorce:

1.    If a man does not satisfy his wife completely during sexual intercourse, the woman starts to establish illegal sexual relation with another man because a woman can astray in the situation of sexual dissatisfaction. If it happens, the woman will make sexual relation with another man. There will be a collision between husband and wife when the husband will become aware about the illegal sexual relation. Finally, both will become compel to choose the way of divorce.

2.    Several men takes lots of pleasure in sexual relations after many years of marriage but their sexual urge starts to reduce as time passes. Result of it is that disputes starts to produce between the husband and wife. In this situation, the woman does not get satisfaction from her husband and goes court to take divorce.

3.    Many men love their wives at night and say them that they are the queen of their heart but during day they behave as a dictator and consider them as maid servant. They keep on chiding their wives on tiny things. They should not behave this way with their wives because it may be the cause of divorce.

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