Primula veris



Introduction: -

         Primula Veris drug is used to end brain neuralgia due to brain congestion, migraine, joints pain and rheumatic pain

The use of Primula Obconica drug in various symptoms: 

Head-related symptoms: -

          The patient feels a bandage is tied around the head and has other symptoms as difficulty in putting on the hat, stretched skin of forehead, fear of falling down when stands, fast vertigo, sensation of movement of all the things, tinnitus violent sound in the ear and amelioration in the opened air

Symptoms related to respiratory organs: -

           Patient has symptoms of cough along with burning and pricking in the respiratory ducts and light throat voice.

Symptoms related to urine: -

           Primula Obconica drug should be used in the case of odour like sweet violet in the urine.  

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

        Using Primula Obconica drug is beneficial to end following symptoms: pain in the muscles of right armpit, sensation of heaviness and laziness in the body parts along with very heaviness in the shoulders, burning in the pit of right hand and straining with pain in the thumbs and toes.   

Relation: -

  • Cyc, Ran or Oenothera medicines are used to cure cholera of children and feeling weakness along with diarrhoea. Primula Obconica drug can be used to end such symptoms. Therefore, some qualities of these drugs can be compared with this drug.

Dose: -

         Primula Obconica drug should be used in 3rd potency to end the symptoms.