Primula obconica



Introduction: -

           Primerose is a plant of which leaves are hairy. Toxic substance takes birth in its hair which breaks suddenly and a burning fluid discharges from it which enters into the skin.

The use of Primula Obconica drug in various symptoms:-

Facial symptoms: -   

          Primula Obconica drug should be used to end the symptoms as wet Akauta, pustule wound on the chin, burning sensation on the face at night, wounds of cold bile and swollen eyelids.

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

           It is beneficial to use Primula Obconica drug to end such symptoms- attack of Akauta on the wrists, arms and hands, presence of pemphigas that scratch to the skin, pain on the joints of shoulder region, warm and dry palms, crackling in the joints and fingers, presence of wound in middle of fingers, appearance of purple spots behind the hands, severe palms and blisters on the fingers. 

Symptoms related to skin diseases: -

           The use of Primula Obconica drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as over itching on the skin, sensation of fast itching at night, crops of small, swollen and redden pimples on the skin, presence of small pemphigas on swollen parts and attack of fever with skin symptoms. 

Relation: -

           Some qualities of Rus, Fagopyrum and Hamiya Elygans drugs can be compared with Primula Obconica drug.