Primary treatment at the time of accident and natural calamities (disasters)



        In modern time, due to industrial growth (development) and urbanization, numbers of accidents are go on increasing day-by-day, mostly by numbers of vehicles and machines. The number of injured people is also increasing by natural calamities (disasters) like- fire, earthquakes, floods, plague or fighting-quarreling, etc. in addition to big (major) accidents like- rail, aeroplane and buses. 

Arrangements for primary treatment- This type of arrangement will be made in large scale or which are needed at the time like-

  • First aid box, stripes (bandages), splinters and stretchers at schools, colleges and public places.
  • At such places, the arrangement of one who is fully trained in providing primary treatment before carrying the sufferer to the nearest hospital.
  • The arrangement to provide training for such people time-to-time like- the process of saving the lives, giving artificial breathe and the practice of C.P.R.
  • Giving training according to rules and regulations to the people who have been appointed on above post.
  • Arrangement for extra rooms or splace.
  • Arrangement for calling trained primary doctors and for many people.
  • Arrangement of foods and drinks from them.
  • Arrangement of blankets, bed sheets, pillows, etc.
  • Arrangement of means of traveling (vehicles) and ambulance.
  • Source of splinters and stretchers.
  • Arrangement of fast foods if possible.
  • Making bed for injured people and training of changing their clothes.