Precautions after Conceiving


Pregnancy articles:


          In shashtras (scripture), it has narrated that men should stop sexual intercourse with women when she gets conception (become pregnant), but withdrawing sex completely is not right- it is also scripted in other shashtras. With keeping only few precautions in our mind, men can involve in sexual intercourse with his pregnant partner. While sexual intercourse, he should never forget that his partner is a pregnant, he should not give had stroke or act with force in excitement even by mistake. At this time, there is not to show his masculinity and to think that his female partner has become satisfied or not. According to ayurvedic doctor, discharging of a pregnant in sexual intercourse has not considered good. In fact, all the men should keep control on their selves during pregnancy, but if not possible then do sex with his pregnant partner without too much rubbing after entering the penis in her vagina, because it can harm the baby growing inside the uterus. And, the penis should be taken out from the vagina just after ejaculation.              

          Naturally, the child takes birth after 9 months of conception. That is the reason why it is difficult for men to keep control on himself till such long period and he hat to actuate his pregnant partner for sex. So, the time-period of sexual intercourse in pregnancy has decided on the basis of this fact. The sexual excitement of male is calm down just after ejaculation. While sexual intercourse with a pregnant, effortless stroke or slow rubbing is appropriate. He should be careful that no extra pressure or weight could fall on her stomach. For this purpose, first of all, make both her things as straight and do sex by sitting on her thighs. It does not allow the pressure to fall on the uterus.      

The time-period of sexual intercourse in pregnancy-

In the first month of pregnancy

One or two times in a week

Second month

One or two times in a week

Third month

One or two times in a week

Fourth month

Once in a week

Fifth month

Once in a week

Sixth month

Once in a week

Seventh month

Once in a fortnight (15 days)

Eighth month

Once in a month

Ninth month

Sex could not be done in this period

Other precautions to be taken-

          With keeping precautions while sexual intercourse in pregnancy, there are also many topics in which precaution is very important-

First month of pregnancy-

          In the first month of pregnancy, a pregnant is able to do all types of house hold works. In this month, she should do all her works as before.

Second month of pregnancy-

          In this month too, do all your works like first month, but lift less weight. From this month, she should stop all the activities in which she has to jump. She should neither walks too much nor stairs up.

Third month of pregnancy-

          If a woman has the routine of exercise in pregnancy, she should stop exercising in this month. She should neither stairs up nor stairs down with speed. Heavy weight should be avoided completely. If you have to stand from sitting posture, stand gently and with comfort. Do not give any type of jerk to your body.

Fourth month of pregnancy-

          In this month, a woman should get time at noon for sleeping.

Fifth month of pregnancy-

          In this month, a pregnant should never do any type of work in standing position. Walk on flat surface and avoid uneven surface while walking. Addition to it, do not try to climb at height.

Sixth month of pregnancy-

          In this month, a pregnant should walk in slow motion. If possible, do not go for long walk. In winter, take bath with bearable cold water. After washing head, make it dry immediately.

Seventh month of pregnancy-

          In this month, a pregnant should change her diet. Lessen the use of spicy and sour eatables. Do not take too cold or too hot eatables. Take rest at noon as much as possible. Never lift heavy weight even by mistake or do not lift any thing from the ground by bowing herself.

Eighth month of pregnancy-

          From this month, a pregnant needs extra care. She should do only little house hold works, take enough rest and protect herself from heat.

Ninth month of pregnancy-

          It is the last month of pregnancy. In this month, you should neither do extra work nor sit for long time. Remain lying down on the bed as much possible as you can. Bowing and taking anything from the ground by bending yourself in this month can be harmful.