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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

        Pratuse drug is used to cure the diseases of such people who have tolerable nature, brown hair, skin yellowness and lean and thin body along with symptoms of psoriasis

The use of Pratuse drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

        Pratuse is an excellent remedy in such symptoms- irritability, excessive depression, misbehavior due to mental labor, cruel natured, appearance of anger caused by vexation, mad like behavior, busy in the mental tensions, throwing and kicking to the nearest thing, infantum habitual to lie on the floor, appearance of irritability to feel morbid, thinking suicide while unsuccessful, grief, appearance of anger after irritability and crave of suicide.       

Head-related symptoms: -

        Pratuse drug should be used to end the symptoms as dizziness, increment in dizziness with sun-rising, feeling pain in the neck after awaking in morning, feeling heaviness in the head along with headache that rises in the morning; complaint of headache along with diarrhoea and white tongue coat.

Nasal related symptoms: -

        The use of Pratuse drug is beneficial to end various symptoms as sensation of blowing thick mucus inside the throat, chocked nose in the closed room and feeling mucus discharging from posterior nares.  

Throat related symptoms: -

        Pratuse is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as dysphonia due to intense pain in larynx, loose cough with secretion of mucus, feeling weakness due to discharging viscid and thick mucus and suffocation due to sensation of shrunken throat along with chest prevention.   

Eye related symptoms: -

        The use of Pratuse is considered prompt to end such symptoms- feeling burning sensation with pain in the eyes, consolation in pain after pressing the eyes, dizziness with colored butterflies before the eyes, redden eyes and sensation of fatigue in the eyes from the light.  

Symptoms related to ears: -

        Pratuse drug should be used in such cases as ears burning sensation along with pain while non-febrile. 

Symptoms related to urine: -

        Pratuse drug should to end the symptoms as appearance of white particle in urine, fetid urine, renal pain after the meal and intense pain in bladder. 

Symptoms associated with fever: -

        The use of Pratuse drug proves beneficial in such symptoms- presence of fever with stomach gripping, attack of epilepsy, sensitivity in molecular section of the brain, complaint of headache before one weak of the menstrual excretion and sleepiness at another places besides the home.

Mouth related symptoms: -

        The use of Pratuse drug is beneficial in such symptoms as indomitable crankiness in the lips edges, sensitive gums, salty tongue and feeling fast appetite.

Symptoms associated with faeces: -

        The use of Pratuse is considered prompt to end various symptoms as hematemesis (blood vomiting) due to gastric wounds, discharging yellow and vivid motion after the meal, discharging oakzuris with stool, diarrhoea along with headache, coated tongue, blood vomiting and pruriginous anus. 

Symptoms associated with digestion system: -

        Pratuse drug should be used to end the symptoms as indigestible of butter, boiled egg, bacon, salad, onion, chocolate, etc., so patient is undesired for these products; crave for eating oily food, loaf-sugar, salt and butter, diarrhoea and blood vomiting like alttra.    

Heart-related symptoms: -

        The use of Pratuse drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as sensation of heaviness in the heart portion, increment in heart pain from hard labor, complaint of shivering due to enlarged heart lobe, problems of shivering due to incrementing a bit of gush and stoppage in the right sided middle lobe of the heart.     

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

        The use of Pratuse drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as sensation of wrench and jerking in fluidic ducts of the body, feeling numbness in fingers, depositing of blood in the feet arteries, veins varicose, sensation of crushed feet as attack with a hammer on the toe; presence of pain in the neck that ameliorate to press, sweating from palms, too much perspiration from body and discharging from hands rear portion.    

Symptoms related to skin:-

        The use of Pratuse drug is considered prompt to end the symptoms as pruriginous grains in the middle of fingers and upper the wrist, presence of abscess like Akota, juicy blisters, presence of bloody poxes on the skin, rapid itching on the skin, hair falling and burning sensation in the nerves of  chhalia.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

        The use of Pratuse drug is beneficial to end various symptoms as intervallic discharge at last of delivery, bleeding from the anus of piles patient, rapid itching at anus, discharging clotty blood with menstrual, brown discharging before the menstrual, hemorrhage like yarn at last of menstrual, regular discharging  clotty blood with menstrual till seven days, vaginal burning with itching, discharging white water during leucorrhoea, ovarian emaciate, toxic wounds on the vagina and anus, sensation of numbness and burning in the hands at night and numbness in the morning, palms stressing, inability to make the punch, flatulent disorder that generates a defect in the hands, feeling pain in the calves and compelling to walk with help of stick due to complaint of wrench and spasm in the claw.  

Aggravation: -

        The symptoms aggravate after awaking in morning, during a work, ascending the stairs, to drink wine, in the stormy and watery weather, from sun heat, in the winter season, to lie and at night.

Amelioration: -

        The symptoms ameliorate to lay with stretched body, on the hills places, after awakening, one hour of the meal and to drink pure whisky if someone mixes anything in the whisky now the symptoms aggravate.