Pranayama and Surya Manaskara


Pranayama and its facts :

Importance of sun in our life-

        In Indian tradition, sun is being worshipped as a god since ancient time. In Indian Hindu culture, sun is worshipped both in the morning and evening. At the time of worship of the sun, great and strong Hindu mantra ‘Gayatri mantra’ pronounced by keeping the mouth in the direction of sun. According to shastras, the deity of Gayatri Mantra is sun. The description of the glory of sun has been presented in ‘Surya Upnishad’. Kundilini mantra has been made for the worship of sun.

      Temples, pictures and statues have been built. People have bee worshipping sun since ancient time and this fact is strengthened from the remnants found in America and Canada by the geologists. The sun, which is like the vitality of the water, place, jungle and creatures present in the world, has enlightened the sky, earth and universe in all directions.

        A description of sun is given in Mahabharata. When Saamb, son of Lord Shri Krishna became the victim of leprosy, he was treated by the sun treatment and the disease named leprosy disappeared after the treatment.

        Worship of sun has been considered wrong by Indian educated group and they have neglected sun. But, researches have been done on sun in western countries. Scientists found that sun has great capacity to make the body healthy and cure the diseases. Many types of body diseases can be cured by fomenting the body by sitting the sunlight in the morning. By looking these types of benefits, scientists found new techniques of getting benefits from the sunlight. Several hospitals have been established for the treatment of the disease from the sun light.

        Many researches have been done by European scientists about the energy, which is gotten from the sun light and they wrote huge literature about sun. The description of sun treatment has been described in the literature related to sunlight treatment.

        About sun treatment, scientist ‘Garden Rony’, says that sun is the great deity, so sunbath is very beneficial for the brain and body. It has been proved by the scientists that sunbath is a best way to get physical health. Catarrh, cough, pneumonia, leprosy and other diseases are cured by sunbath. In this case ‘Dr. Rouliyara’ of Switzerland, says that as we give importance to the games in school in the same way importance should be given to the sunbath because sun light is necessary for physical development of the children and it is called sunbath.  

        Dr. Robert Mekarison has written about the sunbath in his book that sun contains such elements, which are helpful in making the food nutritive. Its study has been done by the food scientist of modern time that the rays of the sun contain the protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, salt, vitamins etc. elements. These elements are the base of life of human being. The sun performs his most important role in generating all the substances in the world. All the vegetations originate by the sun light. All the incidents take place in the world because of sun.

        According to specialist of sun treatment ‘Dr. Hais’, all the eating substances originate by the sun. Sun light is very useful medicine to cure all the body diseases. If someone knows about its importance, people will never fall ill.

        After the analysis of sun rays by the scientists, it has been found that sunrays have the capacity to reach into the depth of the body. Therefore, sunrays make all the fibers and cells strong after reaching into the body deep by taking sunbath in the morning. Sunbath is also useful in increasing the red and white corpuscles in the blood. These white and red corpuscles destroy germs and avoid the body from the diseases, which originate in the body due to germ. Physical strength increases by it. Sunrays affect the nervous system by which new zeal originates in the body. It is also helpful in generating energy in the body, happiness in the mind and development in the mind and brain.

        Sunrays are helpful in absorbing phosphorus and calcium from the food. When sunrays fall on the body, blood circulation becomes high and the blood becomes warm by which a substance named ‘Orgosterole’ turns into vitamin-D by mixing with sunrays in the blood. Vitamin-d is helpful in keeping the quantity of acid and alkali equal in the intestines. Phosphorous and calcium are gotten by these activities happened by sun.

        A person, who lives always on a cool place or he is not able in getting sunrays, suffers from the deficiency of calcium and his bones and teeth become weak. Thus, if someone does not get sunrays, he becomes the victim of the weakness of the digestive system and diseases start to appear in the body slowly. Such place, where sun rises late, condition of persons of there place becomes disturb and he suffers from anorexia and his digestive system becomes disturbed slowly. Therefore, sunrays must be gotten because it is very necessary to make the digestive system strong. Where sunrays do not reach, it is very harmful for the people of that place.

        Arrangement of worship and adoration had been made by the saints and scholars of ancient Indian cultural after looking these benefits of the sun. An exercise has been made to get sun energy from one place. This exercise is called Surya Namaskara.

Technique of surya namaskara and scientific exercise-

        The energy which is obtained from the sun after the practice of surya namaskara asana is flown into the internal and external parts of the body. As light ends the darkness in the same way sunrays affect the body by the practice of this asana by which blood becomes purified and the body becomes healthy.

        The help of yoga asanas is taken for entering the sun light into the body with activeness. There is a pressure which falls all the body parts by the practice of yogasan by which there is a stretch in all the veins and nerves present in the body and they remain healthy. Thus, all the body parts and nervous systems function properly. Surya Namaskara functions on the body in this way that the energy and sunrays which are gotten by the sun reach in the body. Asana is helpful in increasing the speed of blood circulation. The practice of sun asanas along with the invocation of sun increases the number of benefits.

        J.p mooler of England writes in his book ‘My System’ that all the people should do the practice of Surya Namaskara. If a person is not in the habit doing asana, he should do the practice of asana for sometime in the beginning and the practice time should be increased slowly. This asana should be done daily and at time. This asana is very useful for all the persons.

Benefits from pranayama  done with Surya Namaskara-

        The practice of surya namaskara with pranayama is useful in increase the number of benefits because vitality power of the person increases by the practice of pranayama and energy originates in the body. Glow comes on the face the person becomes beautiful. Oxygen reaches in 18 crores cells of the lungs by the practice of pranayama by which the body becomes healthy and strong and harmful elements come out from the body. Lungs become strong by this activity, which takes place in body and it saves the body from harmful elements. Sunrays which are gotten by the practice of asanas strengthen digestion system and the person feels appetite properly because the person gets free from constipation and evacuates properly after the practice.

        Effect of pranayama does not affect only external body but on the internal body too by which kundilini power present in the navel affects the powerful glands and chakras. Spiritual and supernatural powers are also developed by it. Surya namaskara with pranayama has been described as good source for the development and purification of the mind, soul and brain. Join Surya Namaskara with all pranayamas rich in qualities which are gotten by the energy of sun have made excessive useful.

Stability of mind in surya namaskara-

        The mind should keep cool and stable in surya namaskara. The practice of asanas can be done while meditating desired God. The picture of sun or moon can be kept on the front side when the practice of surya namaskara is being done.

        The mind should be kept stable and concentrated as much as you can because it is necessary to get great benefits by Surya Namaskara Asanas because it brings changes not only in the external body but also in the attitude of the mind. All the body activities do their work by the mind. The body does any work on the will of the mind. If the mind remains stable and constant, all the activities which are done by the body work properly.

        Concentrating to the mind in the field of worshiping provides abnormal benefits. A person gets lustre by meditating gods with this asana. It is also useful in awakening the center of strength. It makes the mind cool and stable and develops the spiritual and supernatural knowledge. The mind should be kept stable for getting complete benefits of the body by the asana because it is necessary by which benefits may be got according to desire.

        Surya namaskara is not only physical exercise but also it develops the mental strength and brain. Therefore, excessive benefits can be gotten by the asanas by concentrating and stabilizing the mind towards the aim. 

Use of mantra power in Surya Namaskara-

      A rule of speaking mantra with Surya Namaskara has been made. Mantra is a group of sounds and words of which pronunciation produces vibrations in big and micro organs of the body at the time of practice. Organs become active too by it. Scientists of modern time accept these mantras, which have been made by yogis, saints and scholars of ancient time. They consider that the sound waves which originate at the time of pronouncing these mantras have infinite power and it can be used in any field.


        when plate is played by putting on a pot, the patient bitten by scorpion becomes fit and healthy by the sound. Besides it, effect of different types of music affects the body and mind in different ways and its reaction is different too. Effect of music not only affects the brain but also it has a favorable effect on the tree and plants too. The process of curing the diseases by the mantras has been using since ancient time. The sound which originates by the mantras and its words is very minute so it has much power than the bulky body.  

        These mantras have so much power that one can control and bring change in the body. After analysis, scientists announced that a wall can be fallen by the sound of om if it is pronounced in a systematically way. Its reason is that bulky world can be affected by the power of the words. Therefore, commotion and activeness originate in the body by pronouncing the mantras. It makes the blood circulation normal. Therefore, rules of reading mantras with Surya Namaskara have been made after looking the benefits of the mantras by which the mind and body both get benefits and the power develops in the mind and body too.

Essential rules for Surya Namaskara-

        It has been made to get energy from the sun. Therefore, do the practice of this exercise at the time of sun rising. Choose such place for the practice of surya namaskara where sunrays fall on the whole body. Sunbath can be taken after three hours of sun rising in the morning because sunrays in the morning contain beneficial qualities. Do this asana within three hours after sun rising and after three hours of sun rising sunbath should not be taken.  

        Sit on the proper place for sunbath where sunrays are present completely. The place of practice should be neat, clean and airy. Wear a few clothes while doing the practice so that sun rays may fall on the body properly. This exercise should be done on empty stomach. Sit on the proper place for the practice and keep your face toward the sun or in east direction. This activity can be done normally or by putting the photo of any deity on the front side and by keeping the mind stable. The mind should be kept active and stable in this practice. Breath always should be taken through the nose and mouth should be kept shut.  

       Do the practice of surya namaskara for sometime in the beginning thereafter practice time should be increased slowly. Emotions of the person awaken by it and autosuggestion activity will starts by it. It helps in increasing will power and excessive benefit is gotten by it. Surya namaskara asana should be done regularly. Sometimes, complete benefit is not taken by the practice of Surya Namaskara Asana. The child, who is under eight years old, should not do the practice of this asana. But, children from eight to 12 years old should do the practice of this asana from 24 to 40 times and the person of above 12-16 years old should do the practice of it for 40-100 times. Persons, who are above 24 years, should do the practice of Surya Namaskara according to the capacity. The practice of it can be increased unto 300 times slowly.

        The person should keep one thing in the brain during the practice of Surya Namaskara because it is necessary. Don’t use tea, cigarette, and wine and other substances while doing the practice. Pay attention on the diet too with it. This asana is also very useful for women too. Women should not do the practice of it in six days of menses and in the last four months of pregnancy but besides these, she can do the practice of it forever.

Rule of mantras-

        Mantra is the science of liberty which depends on the words. Words have been called Bhrahma in shastra. Waves which flow from the words have infinite power. Science was not much developed in the ancient time. Therefore, the practice of surya namsakara was done for mental, physical and internal growth but modern scientists started to use the waves of sound of it as weapon. Scientists of modern time tested it successfully and its practice is providing mental and physical diseases. Benefits in all the fields are being taken by using the sound of words.

         Nowadays, people started to stop the use of these mantras by thinking them simple. In ancient time, reading these mantras and having mantras’ knowledge was considered important. But, generation of modern time is forgetting these mantras. Increasing the number of benefits is the aim of mixing mantras with the pranayama.

        Study has been done about the mantras and seeds of mantras which affect the body by Australian scientists named ‘Shree Levar Lejariya’ and its effects also have been written in the book that the heart, brain, stomach and all the micro senses are affected by pronouncing these mantras. ‘Nhu’ word affects the stomach, liver, spleen, intestines and uterus by which these parts get strength. ‘Nhe’ word helps in curing anus diseases. ‘Hau’ word cures stomach diseases, makes the stomach and digestive system strong, purifies the bladder and breaks the constipation. ‘Nha’ word provides strength to the pharynx and lungs. 

        According to scientists Shree Levar Lager, pronunciation of the mantras has a deep relation with physical health. Benefits of these mantras had been understood millions years ago by Indians and rules of getting benefits from these had been made. Surya namaskara is also an activity in those.

  • Om hran mitray namah
  •  Om hran ravaye namah
  • Om hroon suryay namah
  • Om hrain manvay namah
  • Om hraun khagay namah
  • Om hrah pushpo namah
  • Om hran hiranygarbhay namah
  • Om hrin marichye namah
  • Om hraun arkay namah
  • Om hroon aadityaay namah
  • Om hrah bhaskray namah
  • Om hrain savine namah
  • Om hran hree mitraravibhyamah namah
  • Om hroo hen suryabhanubhyam namah
  • Om hraun here khagpooshbhyam namah
  • Om hren hreen hiranygarbhmarichyam namah
  • Om hroo hroo  adityasavitiyamah
  • Om hraun hrah arkbhaskarabhyam namah
  • Om hraun hraun hroon hrai mitraravi surybhanushyo namah
  • Om hra hren hraun hrah adityas-savitr-ark-far-karbhayo namah.
  • Om hraun hrah hran hraun khag-push-hirinyagarbh marichbhayo namah
  • Om hraun hron hran hrain hraun hrah, om hran hreen hroo hrain hreen hrah mitra ravi-sury-bhanu-khag-push-hirinyagarbh bhamarichayadi-nyas-savitrak bhaskarubhayo namah. Repeat these mantras three times. 
  • OM sri savitren surynarauan namah.

Surya namaskara asana-

        Ten asanas have been described in surya namaskara, which should be done in sun light. Do the practice of these asanas at neat, clean and airy place. Its practice should be done at that place where sun-heat may fall on the body properly. These asanas should be done systematically. 

Technique- first, stand in attention position for doing the practice of surya namaskara and keep the body, back, neck and head straight or in a line. Stand in attention position by joining both the legs together. Join both the hands together and make the position of prayer. Now stretch the stomach inward and heave the chest viz. make the chest wide. Now fill air in the body while taking deep breath (do the purak). Thereafter, stop your breath after taking according to your capacity (do the kumbhak). Start the second asana after stopping the breath.

Technique- Bend the body forward slowly and hand’s finger should be touched on the floor while stopping the breath. Palms and legs’ heels should be stayed in equal position. After that, nose or forehead should be touched on the knees while doing so. Keep knees straight in this position. Exclude internal air from the body while doing this activity. This activity is rechak. In these two asanas, stop breath after taking in the first activity and internal air should be excluded while doing the second activity. Thus, pranayama activity is done with the surya namaskara activity.

        There can be some difficulty in the second activity of asana. Try to touch your head and forehead with the knees according to the capacity and increase your efforts of doing so slowly. By it, you will become habitual of doing the practice.

Technique- Now, inhale inside and keep both the hands and legs in the position of second asana and bring the right leg behind. Keep left leg between both the hands and right leg toward the sky. Stop breath for sometime and stay in this position and then change the position of leg and put right leg between both the hands and left leg towards the sky. Do this activity complete by stopping the breath while doing this activity. After that, do the practice of fourth asana.

Technique- Now excluding breath, the practice of this asana should be done by putting both the legs at the back side. In this position, keep the head, back and legs straight or in a line. Take breath and do the practice of fifth asana. 

Technique- The breath should be kept inside the body in this asana. Hands, heels and tiptoes will remain at their proper place. Now bend the body downwards slowly and touch the chest and forehead on the floor and internal air should be excluded from the body and then do the practice of sixth asana.

Technique- Now take breath inside, fill air in the body and raise the head and chest up by stopping the breath. After that bring the head at the back side as much as you do and try to look upwards. The breath should remain in stooped position in this activity.

Technique- In this activity, bring the hips and back upwards, and bend the head and chest and bring between both the hands. Keep both the legs in the line of the hips. The person should try to touch the chin with the chest and stomach should be kept stretched according to the capacity. During the practice of this activity, breath should be excluded from the body. This is also a type of pranayama. Then, eighth asana should be done.

Technique- Inhale again while doing this asana and bring the body in the third position of the asana. After coming in this condition, keep your breath in stopped position. Now bring both the legs between both the hands and keep the head towards the sky. After this asana, do the practice of ninth asana.

Technique- In this technique, make the body position like the second position and both the palms and legs should be kept on the floor equal both the feet. Keep the head close with the knees and exclude the internal air. After that, do the practice of tenth asana.

        In this asana, fill air into the lungs again and stand in attention position like first position. Keep the legs joined, chest forwards and stomach stretched in side in this condition. Thus, Surya Namaskra Asana is completed by the practice of these ten positions. Thus, the practice of this asana can be done many times. 

Dominance of emotion in Surya Namaskara Asana-

        The sun is the base of all the things which are seen by us. All the planets and satellite are moving on the axis because of the attraction power of sun. Sun is the biggest source of the energy in the world and the circulation of all the activities of the world are done by it. Energy which comes from the sun brings change in the nature.   

Physical benefits, which are obtained by Surya Namaskara Asana-

Different benefits are obtained by ten different conditions of Surya Namaskra Asana-

Condition- This technique is useful for the stomach, back, chest and arms.

Condition- Palms, hands, neck, back, intestines, stomach, hips, calf, knees and legs get benefit in this condition.

Condition- This condition provides benefit to the palms, soles, chest, back and neck.

Condition- It affects the hands, tiptoes and neck.

Condition- Arms, neck, stomach, knees and nerves of back get strength by this asana.

Condition- This condition affects palms, hands, neck, back, stomach, hips, intestines, calves, knees and legs.

Condition- Pressure comes on the back, chest and arms and that place is stretched in nervous system. Consequently, that part becomes strong and powerful.