Photo is medicine and dose


Introduction :

        As there are two sides of a coin in the same way there are two meanings of every small and big thing in this world made by God.

Some important facts related to potato :

        Potato is the king of all the vegetables. It is used by us in our daily food but we are ignorant about the qualities of the potato because of this reason it is abandoned on many places without reasons. Many people consider it harmful due to ignorance. It is truth that potato is the best food of high grade. Different types of dishes are prepared with the potatoes but papari of the potato is considered the best in all the dishes.

        Potato has good effect on the stomach comparison to other vegetables. Its fibers are softer and it has starch of high quality. There is proper contraction in the small intestines due to these fibers. Complete digestive process becomes fit by the use of potatoes. The dirt disappears due to its alkaline.

       Many types of amino acids are found in the potato, which are gotten before protein and after digestion. It becomes rich in alkaline because it is jointed with the potassium ‘Organic acid and ‘Sulfuric acid’, which are present in the potato. Gas occurs in the stomach if potatoes are cooked in a wrong method. Therefore, we will suggest the way of cooking potato by which you will get complete benefit from the potato.

  • Potato should be taken after toasting in the fire.
  • Nutritive and beneficial elements are present under the peel potato. Therefore, it should be cooked with peels or it should be peeled lightly.
  • Many useful elements of potato come into water while boiling in water. Therefore, keep as much water in the cooker so that they may boil properly not much water. It should be done for sustaining the nutritive elements of the potato.
  • Fried potato becomes the cause of indigestion. If someone wants to make potato tikiya, it should be prepare in a non-stick fry pan on light fire not in a deep fry pan.
  • Fibrous vegetables of potato and tomato should not be prepared because any type of sour should not be eaten with the things of carbohydrate category because combination with sour create gastric problem in the stomach. 
  • If someone wants to make fibrous vegetables of potato, make small peaces by taking 250 grams potatoes. Now drip one spoon mustard oil in cooker thereafter season it in indian mustard or cumin seed. Now pour one spoon gram-flour in it and toast until it becomes pink in color. Thereafter, pour two glasses of water in it. When the water starts to boil, mix potato pieces, salt, turmeric, chilly, some grama masala and green coriander in it according to taste and cook until the dish prepares. Finally, fibrous vegetable of potato is ready.

Beneficial :

  • If any part of your body has burnt, grind raw potato and apply it on the affected part. This process will reduce the inflammation and no vesicle will appear on the skin.
  • To end the swelling of the hands and feet, boil potato in water thereafter separate the potato from the water. Mix some salt in it by making it lukewarm. Then foment the affected part with this water. Swelling is reduced by it. Drench napkin in the boiled water of potato to foment the affected part. Squeeze napkin and then put it on the affected part. Put this napkin on the affected part again as becomes cool.
  • If a person has been suffering from dark circles around the eyes, grind raw potato and apply it around the eyes. After ten minutes, wash the affected parts with the cool water. This process should be done twice a week. Black circles around the eyes will disappear by doing so about 10-12 times.
  • Potato contains 80 percent water and complete quantity of carbohydrate but it has no fat. Due to this reason, potatoes are taken during fast because strength may be got properly from the carbohydrate. To make the hands soft, crush the boiled potato and apply on the hands thereafter wash the hands with the cool water after ten minutes. Thus, all people can get benefits of potato by using it with good method.