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Eating potato regularly keeps blood arteries flexible for a long time and it does not make hard. The person, who takes potato, gets long life.The potato is known as the king of vegetables because it is used in enough quantity than other vegetables. Potato contains calcium, iron, vitamin ‘B’ and phosphorus in enough quantity. Eating potato regularly keeps blood arteries flexible for a long time and it does not make hard. The person, who takes potato, gets long life.

The potato is entire food of grain. All the types of potato are cool, sweet and heavy in digestive and generate constipation. They increase stool and urine quantity. It eliminates constipation and blood disorders caused by bile. It generates kapha and vatta. It increases body strength and sperm count. It is also increases digestive power in enough quantity. The potato is very useful for the person who has been suffering from weakness caused by hard work and blood disorders caused by bile. The person, who drinks more wine and suffers from indigestion, should take potato because it is very nutritive for them.

Elements Quantity
Protein 1.6 %
Carbohydrate 22.9 %
Water 74.7%
Vitamin-‘A’ 40 I.U./100 Grams
Calcium 0.01       %
Phosphorus 0.03 %
Iron About ¼ gram/100 Grams

Special: If any potato is soft or blowing offensive water exists on it, we don’t use it. The person, who has been suffering from indigestion, stomach gas or diabetes, should not take potato. The person, who suffers from indigestion, surfeited, vatta disorders, fever, constipation, itching, skin diseases, blood deficiency, diarrhoea, etc. diseases, should take potato in less quantity.

According to scientists, peeling potato ends some nutritive elements of potato too. Boil potato in water, the water which remains after boiling contains vitamins too. Therefore, this water should not be thrown but it should be used in pulses or vegetables.

According to Unani, potato is cool in nature, heavy in digestible and increases vatta in the stomach. It increases sperm count too.

Potato contains enough quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, copper and iron. It has vitamin ‘A’ and ‘C’ in less quantity too.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Beriberi: Simple and easy mean of beriberi is that patient can’t walk. Especially, the symptom of weakness appears in the thigh nerves (which suffer from beriberi). Grind or press potato and squeeze juice from it.  One spoon this juice should be given to the patient 4 times in a day regularly to cure beriberi. Chew raw potato and swallow its juice, it can provide relief in beriberi too.

2. Blood disorders caused by bile: This type of disease occurs due to lack of vitamin ‘C’. In the beginning, strength of the body and brain becomes weak. Its mean, the patient body becomes weak, unable, light and yellow due to blood disorders caused bile. The patient becomes suffer from breathing problems due to some hard work. Inactivity occurs in the patient body instead of activeness. Bleeding starts near of small hair of the legs in the beginning of this disease. Small and red marks occur around the hair and under the skin thereafter big marks occur on the body. It is called hyper ceratosis in second language. The gums are already suffered from swelling and starts bleeding thereafter this disease increases and starts bleeding from legs muscles especially from prasarak muscles. The patient feels unbearable pain. Heart pain can be occurred due to bleeding from heart meat. Nose bleeding can be occurred too. Bones weakness and pus problems occur due to lack of vitamin ‘C’. Raw potato is useful to end blood disorders caused by bile.

3. Acnes of the skin: If acnes occur on the hand skin caused by cold and dried air in winter, grind raw potato and rub it on the hands. Using this process provides relief in skin acnes caused by cold and dry air in winter. Lemon juice is also useful to cure acnes as potato. Taking juice of raw potato cures ringworm, pimples, muscles disorders and eliminates gas from the stomach too. 

4. Skin glow: Rub ground potato on the skin to improve the skin color.

5. Corneal Opacity: Grind raw potato upon clean stone and apply it in the eyes as collyrium twice a day, it cures chronic eye disease (5-6 years chronic) within 3 months.

6. Obesity (Fatness): Potato does not increase fatness. Fry potato with spices, ghee and other things thereafter take eat it. The oiliness, which enters in the stomach, increases obesity (Fatness). Boil potato with water or toast it in hot sand or hot ash of cow-dung then take it. It is very useful and protective.

Dry potato contains 8.5 percent proteins and dry rice contains 6-7 percent proteins. Thus, potato contains proteins in enough quantity than the rice. It contains proteins like chicken (baby of hen). The proteins are very needful for old person because it provides strength to them and ends weakness too.

7. Restorative food of the children: By feeding potato juice to babies and children they become healthy. Potato juice can be taken with honey too.

8. Method to prepare juice: Wash the potato with fresh water properly and crush it with peel on the kaddukash. Press this ground potato with the help of cloth and squeeze juice from it. This juice should be kept for 1 hour after covering. When all pulp and dirty of potato suppress under the juice then separate juice and use it.

9. Swelling: Cut raw potato like vegetable and boil it with 2 folds water (according to weight of potato) until only one part of water remains then put it down. After that, wash the affected part with this water to get relief in swelling caused by wound.

Note: The patient, who has been suffering from kidney disorders, should eat potato in meal. Potato contains potassium in enough quantity and sodium in less quantity. Enough quantity of potassium brings out salt quantity from the kidney and the patient feels relief. Taking potato is useful to cure appetite. Grease or oiliness does not found in potato. It provides strength and digests easily. Therefore, potato can be taken instead of grains.

10. High Blood Pressure: The patient who suffers from high blood pressure should take potato because it makes high blood pressure normal. Mix salt with water and boil potato with this water (the salt mingles with potato in less quantity because peel presents on potato) and potato becomes salty food. Thus, it is useful in high blood pressure because it contains magnesium too.

11. Acidity: Potato is alkaline natured, which reduces acidity. The patients, who suffer from acidity in digestive parts and suffers from sour belching and stomach gas, should take potato after toasting with ash (cow dung) or sand. It is very useful for decreasing acidity. Toasted potato digests in half time than chapatti of wheat-flour. It removes foul smell of intestines and chronic constipation too. It contains potassium salt, which prevents acidity.

12. Kidney Stone (Renal Stone): If someone suffers from kidney or kidneys stone, he should eat potato regularly because it is very beneficial. The patient, who suffers from kidney stone, should eat more potato and drink water again and again in enough quantity; it brings out stone and sand easily from the kidney. Potato contains magnesium, which brings out stone and prevents stone too.

13. Beautiful skin: Applying ground raw potato on the burnt part provides relief. If the skin becomes scorch due to fast sunlight or sun stroke, juice of raw potato should be applied on the affected part, it fairs complexion.

14. Heart inflammation:

  • The patient should drink potato juice in the condition of heart inflammation. If juice is not available, chew raw potato and suck its juice as well as split pulp too. It is very useful to end heart inflammation and provides coolness quickly.
  • Heart inflammation ends by taking potato juice with honey.

15. Rheumatism or Joints pain: Toast four pieces of potato in hot ash and peel it. Eating these potatoes with salt and chilly-powder regularly is useful to cure Rheumatism.

16. Joints pain: Putting small potato in pantaloon or trouser pockets regularly saves from joints pain. Eating potato is very beneficial too.

17. Back Pain: Ground raw potato and coat it on cloth. Tying this cloth on the affected part is useful to end waist pain.

18. Erysipelas (Group of small pimples): It is such type of disease in which small pimples with swelling occur on the skin and skin becomes red because of that patient suffers from fever too. The patient should apply ground potato on the affected part because it is useful to cure pimples and provide relief too.

19. Sabz Cataract: Peel raw potato and grind it on clean stone. After that, apply it in the eyes with the help of stick to get relief in cataract.

20. Stomach gas:

  • Juice of raw potato can be drunk to eliminate gas from the stomach.
  • Taking half cup juice of raw potato twice a day provides relief in stomach gas.

21. Cosmetics: Applying juice of raw potato on the black marks of eyes ends blackness around the eyes.

22. Hurt: If someone has been suffering from indigo due to hurt, ground raw potato should be applied on the affected part because it provides relief.

23. Acidity: Eating toasted potato provides relief in acidity quickly because potato nature is alkaline. It contains salt (potassium salt), which decreases acidity. The person, who suffers from acidity, can take potato in meal regularly.

24. Eating lead: Boiled potato can be taken in the condition of eating lead.

25. Wound (Sore):

  • Coat ground potato (Grind potato on stone piece) on the affected part, blisters does not occur on the burnt part and provides relief in pain and inflammation too.
  • Apply ground potato on the affected part to reduce inflammation caused by hurt.

26. Allergy: Apply juice of raw potato on the affected parts to get relief in allergy.

27. Cracked hands and feet: Grind boiled potato after peeling and mix olive (Jaitun) oil in it. Apply it on the hand and feet and wash after 10 minutes, it provides relief in dry and cracked hands and feet.

28. Face shadow: If chicken pox or acnes marks or shadow occurs on the face, grind raw potato and mix 3 drops glycerin, 3 drops vinegar and 3 drops rose juice in it. Prepare face pack from this mixture. Rubbing this face pack on the face for three minutes regularly ends marks and shadow of the face.

29. Jaundice: Jaundice is cured by taking decoction of potato or its leaves. 

30. Ringworms: Potato juice should be drunk to cure ringworm.

31. Hands wrinkle: Rub juice of raw potato on the hands, wrinkles does not occur on the hands.

32. Burn from fire: Grind fine potato and coat it on the affected part so, air can not be touched on burnt part. Using this process ends burning sensation and provides relief quickly.

33. Physical beauty:

  • Coating ground potato on the body makes the body skin shiny and beautiful. Washing the body with boiled water of potato makes the skin clean and beautiful.
  • Separate peel of raw potato and squeeze juice from it (potato). Rub this juice on the face or coat this juice on the cloth and put it on the face at overnight. In the next morning, washing the face makes the face beautiful.

34. Headache: Potato seeds should be taken in the condition of headache.

35. Body Swelling:

  • Boil potato with water and separate potato from the water.  Fomenting the affected part with this water is useful to end swelling of the body.
  • Boil 250 grams raw potato with 500 ml water. Foment the affected part with water and coat potato on the affected part, it ends swelling caused by hurt.