Potassium is a basic (main) mineral. No one lives without it (life is not possible without it). It always found with any acid. Soil having lack of mineral produces foods having lack of mineral. Such type of food forces to take potassium from body cells by that crop of the entire body is suffered from chemical. Deficiency of potassium generates desires for eating dry mud or a particular soil especially in pregnant women.

        Potassium is necessary for normal strength of the muscles, nerves, heart function and enzymes reactions. It is helpful in the balancing of body fluid. By lack of it, lost of memory, muscles weakness, irregular heartbeats and irritation, etc. can be occurred and by its excessiveness, heart irregularity can take place.  

          Potassium acts for soft tissues as like as calcium acts for tough tissues. It is also very important for maintaining electrolysis balance of the internal and external fluid of our body cells. Increasing the dose of potassium according to age is also necessary. Lack of potassium appears in the reflections (symptoms) of mental awareness deficiency, muscles exhaustion, difficulty in taking rest, cold and catarrh, constipation, nauseate, itching on the skin and the cramps of muscles, etc. Increasing the dose of sodium aggravates the harmful effects of potassium in cells. By extra potassium, the walls of blood vessels can be kept free from abandonment of calcium.         

          In developed countries, the intoxicating liquor of apple is known as the best source of potassium. Mix a spoon of intoxicating liquor of apple in a glass of water and then sip it slowly. It helps in the burning of body fat. After experiment done on cows, gout in cows has cured and milk production has increased by the use of this apple liquor.

Main sources-

          Cream less milk powder, sprouted wheat, yeasts, potato, groundnut, cabbage, peas, banana, dry fruits, juice of orange and other fruits, melon seeds, chicken, fish, paprika and apple liquor.