Positive Attitude



         If a man thinks in a negative way, everything proves negative for him. For example, if a man thinks that he is ill, he will become the victim of any disease definitely, although there is no symptom of any disease in his body.

        Nothing is good and wrong in this world. It is our attitude, which is bad and good. We will find goodness and evilness, good qualities and bad qualities in everything of the world. Watching goodness is our positive attitude and watching dark side of anything is our negative attitude.

         There will be no love in country, society and family until each man observes other’s faults. Therefore, we should not pick up the faults of others but we should try to end them. A man with holy and pure mind observes only the good qualities not faults in others. A man with polluted mind observes only the faults and bad traits of others.

         An optimist advances by mentioning all the memories whereas a pessimist observe the dark side of everything and returns in past. In this way, both the persons do the work but first positively whereas second negatively.

         Ninety-five percent strength of the body becomes vain due to negative thinking. Hence, negativity is the biggest enemy of a man.

         A man speaks in a way as he has thought. As he speaks as he works. A man will have the habits according to his work. Character of a man will be according to the habits. Fate of a man depends on the character of a man. Hence, all the people should have positive attitude for others.

Benefits of positive attitude:

  • Mental tension reduces because of positive thinking.
  • A feeling of unity is produced because of positive attitude.
  • Positive attitude develops the personality of a man.
  • There is sensation of pleasure on all the places.
  • All the deeds are beneficial because of positive attitude because positive thinking ends all types of troubles and problems.
  • Positive attitude makes good to a bad man.
  • Each human being in this world has different kinds of traits, which are not found in other. Positive attitude makes a man able to identify the qualities of another man.
  • Positive attitude enhances working capacity of a man.
  • Positive attitude enhances self-confidence and bearing power.
  • A man with positive attitude does not face any kind of problem and trouble in life.     
  • Positive attitude makes the health of a man good and all the glands of the body of person work properly. In this way, body of that man develops properly.
  • Creative thought is developed by positive thinking.
  • Decision power of man is enhanced by positive attitude.
  • Prophylactic power of man increases if the man has positive attitude.
  • Positive attitude is the base of success in every field and one can get success with the help of positive thinking.

Some tips to enhance positive attitude:

  • All the people should be aware with the fact that a condemner is our friend because he makes our life successful. He condemns us and informs whether we have been working properly or not.
  • We should keep a fact in our mind that every kind of situation gives us a chance to learn.
  • All the people should know the fact that there are two meaning of everything. We should accept right thing and give up bad thing.
  • A person is examined during hard period. It is observed how a person works at this time.  
  • A person should not watch the faults in other persons. He should watch only good qualities of a person.
  • Changes should be accepted because change is the rule of world. Change takes birth necessarily.
  • Hurdles teach a man how to live.
  • When a guest comes at your home, you should not describe to the problems and griefs of your family, country and society.
  • Do work lovingly whatever you do. You should try to do your work properly.
  • Remain far from those persons who have negative thinking and find fault in others.
  • Remember the fact that God always does well whatever he does.
  • Encourage others if they get success in any work. Make a habit of it.
  • Use always civilized language. We should try to speak in a proper way. Make a habit of writing positively.
  • Take interest in other’s ideas. We should welcome their attitude and rules.
  • We should try to take decision by keeping ourselves in other’s situations.
  • We should be optimist.
  • We should try to kill all the faults that we have. We should not accuse on other.
  • Small things should be ignored.
  • If there is any obstruction while doing any work, we should try to find out new ways.
  • Failure is the first ladder of success. As a child learns how to walk by falling repeatedly as a person gets success in his life by finding out faults after getting failures repeatedly.