Populus candicans



Introduction: -

          Populus Candicans drug is used to cure intense cold and catarrh. Patient has also symptoms of heavy voice, throat irritation and hoarseness.

               Populus Candicans drug should be used to end various symptoms as unconscious pain on the skin especially on the back and stomach that is unaffected to beat or scratch while the patient is grateful for the generated warmth on those parts; fatness like a corn in the fingers crown and non-feeling to pinch or prick or piercing the needle. 

The use of Populus Candicans drug in various symptoms: -

Head-related symptoms: -

       The suffered woman comments to her husband about the symptoms. She suffers from head warmth with sensation of coolness in exernal body parts, appearance of cold wound on the lips, feeling thick and numb tongue and burning the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and respiratory ducts. The use of Populus Candicans drug is beneficial to end such symptoms.    

Symptoms related to Respiratory organs: -

          The use of Populus Candicans drug is considered beneficial end various symptoms as sharp irritation in throat, burning sensation in throat and nostrils, attack of dry cough in which the patient sits to bend forward; feeling dryness in pharynx and larynx, light and absurd voices, feeling premature in the chest and throat, frequent discharging mucus from posterior nares and infantum cough caused by the nose and larynx catarrhal.  

Dose: -

          The mother tincture of Populus Candicans drug should be used to end the symptoms.