Poppy Seeds



Name in different languages:

English            -            Poppy seeds

Hindi               -            Khaskhas post

Sanskrit           -            Khasbij, Khakhas

Bengali            -            Post

Marathi            -            Khaskhas

Gujrati             -            Post bij

Persian           -            Tukht koknar

Arabic             -            Havul koknar

Precaution: Taking over quantity of poppy seeds causes stomach gas and increases phlegm.  

Quality: It is heavy and enhances sperm count and body strength.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Loose motions:

  • Cast two spoons poppy seeds in one cup of water and take it with mixed heap or curd or whey 3-4 times a day. Using this process is useful to get relief in diarrhoea quick.
  • Cast two spoons poppy seed in ¼ parts water and mix curd in it. After that, give this preparation to the patient after every 6 hours or eat its sweet dish (kheer). It is useful to prevent loose motions, dysentery and spasm of the stomach

2. Waist pain: Make the powder by grinding poppy seed and sugar-candy 10 grams each together. The patient should take 5 grams this powder with hot milk twice a day to get rid of waist pain.