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Pomelo has all the qualities of the lemon and orange. Its fruit (without seed) contains excessive quantity of sugar.Introduction:

       Pomelo fruit is the biggest juicy fruit than other juicy fruits. It is kind of orange. It contains excessive citric acid and less sugar than orange. Its pulp is yellow and pink.

      Pomelo has all the qualities of the lemon and orange. Its fruit (without seed) contains excessive quantity of sugar. Its juice is extracted with the help of juicer.

Colour: Its peel is yellow and internal portion is red.

Taste: It is sweet and sour.

Structure: It is a kind of lemon.

Nature: Pomelo nature is cool in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of pomelo is harmful for the heart.

Bad effects Removal: Jaggery removes the bad effects of pomelo. 

Compare: It can be compared with pineapple.


Pomelo quenches the thirst and increases appetite. It makes digestive system strong. Its peel is useful to cure insanity and senselessness. It also fairs complexion.

Protein 0-7 percent Calcium 20 milligrams/ 100 grams
Fat 0-1 percent Phosphorus 20 milligrams/ 100 grams
Carbohydrate 7-0 percent Iron 0-2 milligrams / 100 grams
Water 92-0 percent Vitamin -C 31 milligrams / 100 grams
Salt 0-2 percent Vitamin -P In less quantity
Vitamin-B Comp In less quantity Vitamin -A In less quantity

Useful in different diseases:

1. Diabetes: Using pomelo in diabetes reduces sweetness of starch and fatness in the body. It helps to control the diabetes in the body and increases appetite too.

2. Thirst in fever: Take juice of pomelo after mixing with little water; it cures fever and quenches excessive thirst.

3. Malaria:

  • Take pomelo juice; it provides relief in malaria because it contains named quinine element which cures malaria. 
  • Taking hot juice of pomelo is also useful to provide relief in malaria.

4. Coryza: Pomelo is very useful to avoid from coryza.

5. Body fatigue: Mix equal quantity of pomelo and lemon juice together and thereafter give it to the patient to drink. It is useful to reduce body fatigue.

6. Retention of urine:

  • Taking 250-300 milliliters pomelo juice regularly is helpful in the retention of urine. Pomelo contains vitamin-C and potassium in excessive quantity which are useful to end the retention of urine. 
  • The Pomelo is eaten in little quantity than the other fruits because it has strange taste. But, taking Pomelo without peel and without membranes’ its pod can be useful.

7. Asthma & breathing problems: Prepare syrup of Pomelo fruit. Don't mix water in this syrup in winter or rainy season and lick only syrup continuously. Taking 5 ml pomelo juice for 8 days regularly is useful. If the patient suffers from excessive cough and phlegm, mix 5 gram powder of mango seed with treacle of pomelo syrup and give it to him to lick, it provides relief. In summer season, take its juice after mixing with pot’s (matka) water. It is useful to cure cough and asthma.

8. Whooping cough: Giveing half to one spoon juice of pomelo leaves with honey to the patient is useful to end unconscious and whooping cough.

9. Cough: Taking half-one spoon juice of pomelo leaves with honey twice a day is useful to end unconscious.

10. Writer cramp: Taking 10-20 ml juice of pomelo leaves twice a day regularly is useful to cure writer’s cramp.

11. Rheumatism: Juice of lemon, orange, mosambi and pomelo should be taken regularly to cure rheumatism.