Polyporus pinicola



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Introduction: -

          The use of Polyporus Pinicola drug is useful to end the swalpviram, intermittent and biliary fevers. This is also a useful drug in headache, yellow tongue, frequent retching, conditions of unconsciousness and complaint of constipation. The qualities of this drug are like natural Polapo-Officinalis drug. This drug should be used to end the symptom as sleepiness due to light pain in the feet.   

The use of Polyporus Pinicola drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to fever: -

          Polyporus Pinicola drug should be used to end various symptoms as too much dullness, blood accumulation in the head with complaint of vertigo, faded and warm face, sensation of pricking on the whole body, restlessness at night due to pain in the joints, wrists and knees, profuse perspiration, complaint of headache with back pain at 10:00 A.M. and pain in the ankles and knees that aggravates to 3 O’clock at noon afterwards ameliorates gradually.