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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

          Podophyllum is a useful drug for the people having bilious nature. Especially, this is a morbific drug for duodenal, small intestines, liver and rectum. It also affects on the swelling of the digestion system, consequently, the patient gets pain and vomiting as well as the swelling is ended.   

        Podophyllum is used to end various symptoms as- watery faeces with discharging viscous mucus, stomachache, stink stool, the troubles of pregnancy, flabby abdomen in pregnancy, scratching in the upper uterus membrane, attack of cholera with complaint of stomachache, improper liver activities, too much accumulation of blood in liver veins, bloody piles, pain of digestion system and jaundice.

The use of Podophyllum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

          Patient speaks over due to eating sour fruits, cries and weeps and gets loss of mentally balanced.

Head-related symptoms: -

          Podophyllum should be used to end the symptoms as falling down forward due to dizziness, slightest headache, feeling tightness with warmth face, bitter taste, complaint of diarrhoea, rolling head from one sided to another side, moaning with vomiting, half opened eyelids and perspiration at sleeping time on the child head.   

Mouth related symptoms: -

          The use of Podophyllum drug is beneficial to end various symptoms as- teeth grinding at night, willing to press tightly the gums, difficulty in dentition, sensation of wide, large and cold tongue, fetid breathe, tongue taste like pus, burning sensation on the tongue and complaint of hiccups with vomiting and diarrhoea followed by feeling too much weakness in the anus or stomach.

Symptoms related to stomach: -

          The use of Podophyllum drug is beneficial to end various symptoms as- complaint of bitter and warmth eructation, retching with vomiting, over thirst, discharging hot and foam vomit like mucus, burning in the heart with complain of vomiting and yawning and milk-vomiting of child.  

Abdomen related symptoms: -

          Podophyllum is considered a prompt drug to end various symptoms from- stomach flatulence, sensation of stomach emptiness with warmth, feeling excessive weakness with pinched stomach, inability to sleep with any side besides the stomach, painful region of the liver, feeling consolation to rub the affected parts and rumbling in the ascending large intestinal.      

Symptoms related to rectum: -

          Podophyllum drug should be used in such symptoms- infantile cholera that becomes more aggravated, long-lasting diarrhoea, aggravation in symptoms in the morning, sensation of warmth on premature teeth during dentition, aggravation in symptoms to intake the sour fruits in summers, presence of diarrhoea in the morning, stomach rumbling with pain, discharging paroxysms, green, watery and fetid stool due to accumulated blood or wound in internal body; tearing pain in rectum before or during the excretion, appearing more troubles due to presence of constipation, secretion of dusky, severe, dry and painful faeces, complaint of diarrhoea with constipation, habitual of frequent rubbing or moving on the liver, piles and outlet of anus before or during excretion.   

Gynecology-related symptoms:

          The use of Podophyllum drug is beneficial to end various symptoms as- pain in uterus and right ovarian glands, active voices in ascending large intestinal, spasmic chest, scratching on upper uterus membrane especially after the delivery, piles with scratching in anus during pregnancy, replacement of uterus due to over-lifting or abdominal twist, presence of troubles in right ovarian side and right womb side, numbness in right ovary side, aggravation of pain to thighs, outlet of uterus due to over-lifting or after delivery with complaint of constipation; replacement of uterus, sensation of solace to lie on abdomen during first stage of pregnancy and complain of amenorrhoea.   

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

          Podophyllum is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as complaint of pain in middle of shoulders, below the right scapula, hips and back; pain in right chest side, intense pain from inner thigh to ankles and appearance of paralysis in left body parts.  

Symptoms related to fever: -

          The use of Podophyllum drug is considered prompt to end the symptoms as sensation of cold at 7:00 A.M. followed by attack of fever, sensation of pain in wrists, ankles, knees and intercostals; over speaking during fever and profuse perspiration.  

Symptoms related to liver: -

          Podophyllum drug should be used to end various symptoms as swollen liver with sensitiveness, presence of jaundice with gallstone and bilious pain, habitual of frequent caress, rubbing and moving to the liver, vomiting of bilious element with blood particles and complaint of stomach gripping.    

Symptoms related to vomiting: -

          Podophyllum is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as complaint of vomiting with head movement, moaning in first half at night, yellowness on the skin during fever extending followed by talkativeness.  

Aggravation: -

          The symptoms aggravate after intake, during taking bath or washing, from over-lifting, after hard labor, in presence of diarrhoea, in the summers, morning, hot wind and during dentition.  

Amelioration: -

          The symptoms ameliorate to take a turn in the body backwards, from hot experiment, external heat, to lie on stomach, to rub the liver or to hammer gradually, to rub and in the evening. 

Relation: -

  • Some qualities of Hepar, Epi, Lach, Lycopodium, Carbo-Vegetabilis, Cheli, Calinsonia, Ferr, Lili, Kalin, Mendragora, aloe, chelidonium, Mercurius, Nux vomica, Sulphur and Prunela drugs can be compared with Podophyllum drug.
  • This drug destroys the defect of mercury.
  • In the abdominal case, Podophyllum is considered a useful drug after Ipecacuanha and Nux drugs while in the case of liver this drug counts after Calc and Sulphur drugs. 

Complementary: -

        Natrum-Muriaticum and Sulphur

Destroying the activities: -

          Lac-Ac and Nux-vomica

Dose: -

          Podophyllum drug should be used in mother tincture to 6th potency to end the symptoms. 200th and 1000th potencies are used to cure children cholera.