Pluchea Lanceolata



  Sugandha, vassurai, alaparni rasna, ramson, rason are Pluchea lanceolata’s name.Name:

         Sugandha, vassurai, alaparni rasna, ramson, rason are Pluchea lanceolata’s name.


       Pluchea Lanceolata is hot in nature, pungent, digestive, heavy and destroyer of poison. It cures stomach diseases, cough, phlegm, fever, swelling and joints pain. It use cures leprosy also and creates loose motions.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Vatta disorders (Gas problems): Grind thickly pluchea lanceolata, cedar and castor root each 50 grams. Prepare 12 dosages from this mixture. Immerse one dose in 200 ml water at night daily. At morning boil it until little water remains. Vatta disorders (gas diseases) are cured by taking this lukewarm water.

2. Constipation: Constipation breaks by taking ground pluchea lanceolata leaves.

3. Back pain: Take pluchea lanceolata, hogweed (punrneva), dry ginger, tinospora and castor root. Boil all material in 2 cup of water until it remains half. Filter it and take 1-2 spoons daily. Its use provides relief in back pain.

4. Amoebic dysentery: Grind pluchea lanceolata root and mix honey in it. Take it twice and thrice a day. Its use provides relief in amoebic dysentery. The patient of the chronic stage of this disease gets relief.

5. Vagina pain: Take pluchea lanceolata, caltrop and fat each 3 grams and grind into fin e powder. Take it mixing with milk. Its use cures vagina pain.

6. Gout: Grind pluchea lanceolata, tinospora, castor root, cedar, camphor and East Indian globe thistle each 5 grams and prepare fine powder. Mix this powder in 200 grams jiggery and prepare tablets like plums. Take one tablet twice a day with lukewarm water. It is more useful in gout or joints pain.

7. Parkinsonisonisn: To cure Parkinsonisonisn, take 60-120 grams pluchea lanceolata and 1-2 grams rock salt twice a day. Its use provides relief soon.