Introduction: -

           Platinum is very useful drug to end the female diseases. This drug should be selected especially in the mental troubles. The constipation which can’t be cured with Nux-vomica drug, can be cured with platinum drug. This drug should be used to end the symptoms of female as prideful and careless nature, believing in self-intellegency to others at all the topics, undertaking as a rich maternal house, loathful nature with thinking vulgar to her friends and relations; and believing  the best own body than others. 

           Platinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as suddenly feeling joy while getting disappear in the next moment, screaming, irritability, stubborn nature for long timely, getting disappoint on a trifle, sensation of fear, anger, prideful, the troubles caused by coition and mental troubles. The use of this drug is also useful to end the symptoms as loath to alive while scares from death and appearance of mental troubles in the absence of physiological symptoms.        

The use of Platinum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Pain: -

           Platinum drug should be used to eliminate the symptoms related to pain as slowly ascending and descending pain and complaint of pain with numbness

Symptoms related to Headache: -

           The use of Platinum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as uterus troubles, hysteria with presence of much anger; feeling pain in the brain or head, brain numbness, slowly ascending and descending pain, feeling something crawling on the temple that aggravates to bellower jaw and sensation of coolness on that portion.     

Symptoms related to eyes: -

           Platinum is a beneficial drug to end the symptoms as squinted eyes and looking of small size to all the things. 

Symptoms related to face: -

           The use of Platinum drug proves beneficial to end the symptoms as sensation of crawling with numbness on the right face side, feeling cold, and numbness with pain in the left side facial bone. 

Symptoms related to coition in women: -

           Platinum drug should be used to end such symptoms- passion of coition mostly in the girls, rapid itching in the vagina, feeling something crawling in the vagina, as much sensitiveness in the vagina as the touch of cloth is unbearable, so the patient doesn’t allow to the doctor for vaginal checking; impossibility of coition with male due to vagina tenderness, complaint of unconscious during sexual intercourse and infertility of such women who have great will to do work.    

Symptoms related to Menstrual: -

           The use of Platinum drug considers is beneficial to end the symptoms as coming menstrual excretion and remaining for many days, discharging stinky, clotted and thick blood in excessive amount; pain in the uterus, feeling hanged uterus and intense itchig in uterus.  

Symptoms related to constipation: -

           Platinum drug should be used to end the symptoms as constipation during journey, constipation due to intestinal stupor, frequent excretion, stickiness in stool like clay in the anus and complaint of constipaiton during pregnancy.  

Relation: -

           Some qualities of  Kali-Phosphoricum, Pulsatilla, sepia, stanum, Ignatia, Valeriana, Arum and Crocus drugs can be compared with Platinum drug.

Aggravation: -

           The symptoms aggravate before sleeping, in the evening, in the room and to take rest. 

Amelioration: -

           The symptoms are ameliorated to work in opened air.

Dose: -

           6th to 30th potency of Platinum drug should be used to end the symptoms.