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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

        Especially, Platina is a drug to cure female diseases. This drug should be used to end the symptoms as paralysis, unconsciousness and numbness in the body parts.

The use of Platina drug in various symptoms: -

ymptoms related to Mind: -

         Platina drug should be used to end the symptoms as desire of suicide, believing self-best from others, loath to others, too much prideful and haughty natured, feeling bore at all topics, feeling changing in all the things, complaint of mentally troubles that are concerned with menstrual excretion and as the mentally symptoms aggravate as physiological symptoms ameliorate.    

Head-related symptoms: -

         The use of Platina drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as stretched head, complaint of pain with tightness in the head, presence of headache on a permanent place, squeezed pain in the head, feeling stricture in the region of forehead and right temple and pain with numbness in the head.

Symptoms related to eyes: -

         Platina is a useful drug to end the symptoms as looking small size to all the things, squinted palpebras, feeling cold in the eyes and gouty pain in the eye.

Symptoms related to ear: -

         The use of Platina drug considers beneficial in such symptoms- numbness in the ear, sudden feeling gouty pain and rumbling and roaring voices in the ear.    

Symptoms related to face: -

         Platina drug should be used to end the symptoms as facial neuralgia, feeling numbness on the cheek, pinching pain in the nose root, feeling coolness on right face side, sensation of some movement on the right face side and slowly ascending and descending pain.   

Symptoms related to stomach: -

         The use of Platina drug is beneficial in such symptoms as- stomach flatulence, presence of yeast in stomach, gastric stricture, starve hunger, retching and feeling stomach weakness.

Symptoms related to abdomen: -

        The use of Platina drug is beneficial to end the symptoms- stomachache, pain in the navel region that aggravates to back, feeling abdominal tightness, sensation of labor pain in women and feeling pain inside the pelvis.  

Symptoms related to Faeces: -

         The use of Platina drug is beneficial in the cases as retention of excretion, difficulty in excretion with scan stool, stickiness of faeces on the anus like clay, viscid faeces, constipation during traveling due to intake changing,   

Gynecology-related symptoms:

         Platina drug should be used to end the symptoms as too much intolerability in the genitals, tickling in internal and external parts, burning with intolerability in the ovary glands, precedence of menstrual excretion in excessive amount, complaint of thick and clotty discharge with unconsciousness, sensation of labor pain with coolness, crave of coition, vaginal enlargement, vaginal itching, swollen ovary and complaint of infertility.  

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

         The use of Platina drug is beneficial in the symptoms of stress thigh, feeling tight covering on the thigh, numbness in thigh, feeling fatigue and troubles of paralysis

Symptoms related to sleep: -

         Platina drug should be used to end the symptom as the patient sleeps with extending legs.

Aggravation: -

         The symptoms aggravate in sitting and standing posture and in the evening.

Amelioration: -

         The symptoms are ameliorated from walking.

Relation: -

         Some qualities of Valeriana, stanum, Rhodium, Platinum muriaticum, sepia Plati-muri-netro and sedum acre drugs can be compared with Platina drug.

Removing the bad effects: -

         Pulsatilla drug removes the bad effects of Platina metal.

Dose: -

         Platina drug should be used from trituration of 6th potency to 30th potency to end the symptoms.