Planning For Pregnancy


Pregnancy articles:

        When a woman wants to become mother (having desire for conception), she must consult a doctor and become sure that her body is able for conception or not. 

Selection of a doctor- 

        With keeping all the aspects of pregnancy period in the mind, we should select such a doctor who can care a pregnant properly from conception to delivery and after it too. During pregnancy, most of the women keep on running here and there to midwife, but at last when her condition becomes worse, she has to consult a doctor only. Sometimes, such condition is very harmful for both mother and child. 

Few important tips about selection of a doctor:-

  • It is necessary that the doctor you select is an expert of gynecology and how much he has experience about gynecology.
  • We should make arrangement (means) earlier so that the pregnant can be carried to the nearest maternity house with no time (immediately).
  • It is necessary for doctors to present in maternity house 24 hours and other doctors must be on duty in absence of them.
  • The environment of maternity should have familiar.
  • During pregnancy, if a woman feels difficulty in breathing or other troubles, first of all, taking advice from an expert of that disease is very important.
  • The behavior and attitude of a doctor should be favorable to the pregnant.
  • The hospital should have proper arrangement of all types of testes like- ultrasound, blood, urine, etc. as well as it should have also the arrangement of operation, nurses for caring of baby after birth and child specialist.
  • We should have also the knowledge of doctor fees and other expanses.
  • All types of preferences should have also available in case of emergency. 
  • Due to additional (profuse) bleeding at the time of delivery, a pregnant can need blood. Therefore, her husband or any other relative should have knowledge that how far the blood is available.
  • Maternity house must be registered from government health center.
  • It should have the proper arrangement of medicines at the time of need.

Physical preparation for conception (pregnancy)-

  • If a woman is thinking about being pregnant, she should have prepared her body before few months.  
  • Smoking, drinking (alcohol), etc. is very harmful for baby inside the stomach and his growth is affected. By taking liquor, the body and brain of a child are affected badly. From first to sixth months after conception are very important for physical growth of the baby. Therefore, these materials should be avoided.
  • We should test the blood of a woman before conception so that deficiency of blood can be diagnosed.
  • Before conception, taking balanced diet and maintaining her weight is very necessary. For this purpose, taking green vegetables, lettuce (salad), all types of pulses and fruits, milk, cheese, etc. is very useful. Non-vegetarian woman can also take eggs and meat.
  • For active and healthy body, she should take light exercise and walk for little distance in the morning. By walking in the morning, she does not feel any tiredness in whole day works.  
  • If the blood of a pregnant is Rh -, she must take injection of anti-D after giving birth to young ones so that the next child does not get any harmful effect. If the womb has destroyed earlier, this injection is necessary otherwise it can be happened again.      
  • Before conception, a woman should remain careful always about her blood pressure, swelling of the body, diet and weight.
  • Before conception, it is also necessary to test the blood of both husband and wife.
  • A woman should quite smoking, stop drinking (alcohol), coffee, intoxicant tablets, etc. before conception.
  • A woman having desire to being pregnant should take proper rest and should not use family planning medicines.
  • After conception, she should go to a doctor every week for check up.
  • Before conception, she should perform meditation and worship of the God for mental peace.
  • She should maintain her family environment as happy and peaceful.
  • Female must conceive in the age between 21 to 29 years. Before and after this period, conceiving can be harmful for both the mother and child. 
  • The growth of the baby is possible in the uterus after 12 to 13 days of menstrual flow. Therefore, we should test the entire body of woman earlier. 

Progenitrix advice-

  • If a child has any fault in his physical structure or has any problem from birth, deficiency of blood in the body, hereditary disease, etc., we must take progenitrix advice. It is beneficial for both male and female and coming child can be made free from diseases.     
  • For conceiving (conception), the age of female should not be more than 35 years.   
  • If miscarriage has taken place two or more times, a suffered woman must take advice before conception.   
  • If the health of a woman is not good before conception and if she consumes intoxicants like- liquor, tobacco, etc. and has been suffering from any disease caused by intoxicating materials, these can be harmful for coming child. X-rays can also harm the coming child. Using x-rays or any harmful medicines after 10 days of menstrual flow can be harmful for the child. It should be used only when necessary.  
  • If first diagnosing has taken place untimely, we should diagnose her again after taking progenitrix advice.
  • According to progenitrix advice, if disease is more harmful, she should not give birth to young ones.
  • We can know about the fault of child through progenitrix advice and the disease can be treated properly on time. 
  • in our country, the women of different region remain suffering from various diseases. In this condition, taking progenitrix advice is necessary.