Pituitary gland


Introduction: -

         Especially, Pituitary gland controls on the development and enlargement of genitals. This gland excites the muscles and removes inertness of uterus. It prevents bleeding and helps in absorption of blood clots.

        Pituitary gland drug is used to end several symptoms as high blood pressure, nephritis, burning in prostate gland, vertigo, sensation of illusion and deep pain in the forehead. The use of 30th potency of this drug is also beneficial to increase the inertness of uterus vent in the second stage of delivery.

Relation: -

         Especially, Pituitary gland drug affects the uterus and provides much relief during delivery or this drug is useful for preventing hemorrhage after delivery. This drug is used as C.C.M. injection for exciting the delivery pain during outlet of baby. 15 drops of this drug is considered one injection. The use of this drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as swelling in heart muscles, stretching in arteries and renal burning. 


         The mother tincture of Piper Methysticum drug should be used in 30th potency to end the symptoms. 10 drops of this drug should be taken after taking meal in the case of high blood pressure.