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Piper root is digestible, and increases appetite. It cures many diseases as- stomach disease, breathing problems, asthma, jaundice, colic pain and tuberculosis.Name in different languages

Hindi            :       Peepramool

Sanskrit       :       Granthik, Pipplimool

Bengali        :       Pipulmool

Marathi        :       Peeplamool

Gujrati          :      Peeprimool

Persian        :      Phil philmoya

English         :      Piper root

Taste: Piper root is pungent.

Structure: Piper root is the same like prickly chalf (apamarg) knot but prickly chalf (apamarg) knot is white and piper root is black.

Nature: Piper root is hot in nature.

Characteristic: Piper root is digestible, and increases appetite. It cures many diseases as- stomach disease, breathing problems, asthma, jaundice, colic pain and tuberculosis. It causes bile disorder and eliminates gas.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Easy delivery: Mix 1.20 grams cinnamon (dalchini) powder with piper root and add a little quantity of Indian hemp (bhang), and give to pregnant woman to take it. It helps to easy delivery.

2. Vagina pain: Grind pippali, black pepper, kidney-bean (urad), indian-dill fruit (soya), costus root (kut) and 5 grams rock salt each together with water, and put it in a cotton piece to make a wick. To removes the pain of vagina, put this wick in the vagina. It provides relief.  

3. Unconsciousness: Grind piper root with rauwolfia serpentine (sarpgandha) to make a powder. After that, take this powder with 1- 2 grams juice of aniseeds (sonph) twice a day (morning and evening); it eliminates senselessness.

4. High heartbeat: Grind piper root with small 25 grams cardamom to make a powder. After that, take 3 grams of this powder with ghee, it normalizes heartbeat that is caused by constipation.

5. Debility of heart: Take ½ gram powder of long pepper (pipal) with honey, it removes debility of the heart along with controls the cholesterol level.

6. Heart diseases:

  • Licking the powder of piper root and small cardamom with half teaspoons ghee is useful to cure heart disease.
  • Grind equal quantity of long pepper fruit, alabeej, vacha prakand, and toasted asafetida in ghee, nitrate of potash, rock salt, sanchar namak, dry ginger and parsley fruit together to make a powder. After that, take one to three grams of this powder with dadim or bijaura or orange juice or honey twice a day; it cures heart disease.
  • Mix 10 grams powder of cus-cus (khas) with 10 grams powder of piper root. Taking this mixture with cow milk provides relief from heart pain.

7. Hysteria: Grind 5 grams piper root, 15 grams irasha, 20 grams murmaki together and filter it and after that mix a little quantity of water in it. Now, make tablets like a shape of gram and take two tablets thrice a day with fresh water. It cures hysteria.

8. Scrofula: Mix 6 grams powder of pipal with 8 grams honey and lick this mixture, it cures scrofula.

9. Throat diseases: Grind 10 grams of an equal quantity of piper root, rheum emodi wall (amalvet), dry ginger, black pepper (kalimirch), small pipal, cassia (tejpata), sami seeds, cardamom seeds, talispatr, cinnamon (dalchini), white cumin seeds (jeera), barks of lead-wort root (chitrak) together to make the powder. After that, mix 1 year old jaggery in it and store it. After that, take 4 grams of this mixture twice a day (in the morning and evening) with cow milk, it cures catarrh, cough and hoarseness.