Appearing pimples is a normal problem of young boys and girls. In this disease, small acnes and eruptions are appeared on the cheeks that make the face ugly and bad looking. Due to this disease, the sufferer has to face lots of troubles.


Mostly, pimples appear on oily skin. In case of oily skin, dust particles are attracted much than normal or dry skin and entered inside the skin pores. When these particles do not able to remove out due to improper cleanliness, the pores are blocked and pimples are appeared.

This disease occurs due to sibesus glands found in the body. These glands secrete oily fluid and hormonal changes in teenagers excite these glands. As a result of it, the secretion of sebum is increased abnormally and makes the skin smooth and oily that later causes pimples. The sibesus glands open in hairs root. When it is blocked due to any reason, the oily fluid secreted by these glands does not able to come out and these glands are inflated. When these inflated glands come in the contact of air, they are fallen black and converted in to acne. Later, they start coming out in the form of pus and other eruptions and are changed into pimples. 

Treatment of pimples by acupressure treatment system-

In case of pimples, the reasons responsible for it are treated first. After that, by giving pressure on the acupoints as shown in figure, the patient gets benefits in this disease. If the pimples are converting in to boils or pus, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Normally, these pimples are disappear by their selves as the time passes and do not left their marks on the skin, but in few cases, they left their pits. 

Few other tips with the treatment of pimples-

  • The teenagers should drink minimum 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
  • They should make up less and if needed, use such make up which is less oily.
  • We should try to keep our stomach clean all the time and in case of constipation, it should be treated immediately.
  • Too sweet and nutritive foods (fatty) should not be taken, because pimples can be also appeared by taking such food stuffs.
  • Green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, lettuce and milk without cream should be taken in diet.  
  • The patient should take a glass of lukewarm water after adding a spoon of honey and a lemon juice just after getting up in the morning. It is very beneficial in this disease.
  • The patient suffering from this disease should walk on the grass in the morning with naked feet.
  • The patient should take too hot and oily food stuffs in less quantity, because this disease occurs more by taking such eatables.
  • He should clean his face properly and the face should be washed with fresh water daily in the morning and evening.