Eruptions appearing on the face, that are rigid, pointed, separate, small and red coloured, called ‘Pimples’. Its mouth does not raised up.

Treatment of this disease by following drugs:
1. Animalis or Hydrocotyle:- If red pimples appear on the face especially due to malfunctioning of the uterus, Carbo-animalis 6 or Hydrocotyle 3x should be used.
2. Carbo-veg:- Carbo-veg 6 should be taken in the beginning of pimples.
3. Radium-brom:- If pimple becomes chronic, Radium brom 30 should be used once in a week. Kali-brom 3x or Sulphur 30 can be used to cure chronic pimple or pimples.
4. Sulphur:- If pimple or pimples appear on any part of the body, taking several types of drugs is beneficial with washing pimples by one part of Sulphur after mixing it in eight part of water.
5. Rhus-tox:- In the condition of pimples, Rhus-tox 3 should be taken once in a week.
6. Ars-iod:- If pimples are not curing, Ars-iod 3x should be taken. It cures pimples and its marks are also disappeared.