Piles or haemorrhoids


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When veins located at the end of the anus get swelling, it is called Piles or Haemorrhoids. When these veins are enlarged after swelling, it is called wart. This type of swelling can occur inside or outside of the anus. Swelling inside the anus is called inner warts and swelling outside the anus is called outer warts.  

There are two types of piles or hemorrhoids:-

  1. Bloody piles: - When inner bleeding takes place in pile, it is called bloody piles.
  2. Blind pile: - In this case, bleeding is absent, only paining is present.


  1. Apply too much force while excretion.
  2. Taking purgative drugs frequently.
  3. Taking additional stimulants.
  4. Loose motions due to colitis.
  5. Taking additional liquor (alcohol).
  6. Occurring dysentery again and again.
  7. Taking low quality oil less food stuffs.
  8. Riding a horse.
  9. Awaking much in the night.
  10. Applying too force for urination.
  11. Straining much while urination.
  12. Contraction in the ureter or disease related to prostate glands.
  13. The cancer of the rectum.
  14. Too much sitting on cold seats, on wet grass or on the very soft seats, etc.
  15. Taking too much spicy food stuffs.
  16. Suffering much from constipation.
  17. Hereditary diseases of liver diseases.
  18. Avoiding physical works.

Use of different drugs to cure bloody piles:-


1. In the condition of piles or hemorrhoids, if bright red blood comes out with the feeling of warmth ness in it, feeling pricking sensation in piles, etc., Aconite 30 is very effective for its treatment.

2. Sometimes, hemorrhoids patient also has fever with the feeling of restlessness, severe pain occurs in warts with warmth in it, mucus or blood comes out from it, etc., using Acon 3x is appropriate to end such symptoms.


If black bleeding is blowing from the warts of the patient suffering from bloody piles, feels slight pain in it, bleeding is profuse, feels slanting pain in the anus, etc., Hamamellis 6 or its mother tincture should be used to end such symptoms of the sufferer.

Nux-vomica and Sulphur-

To cure bloody piles, Sulphur 1M should be taken once in a month and then Nux-vomica 30 thrice a day daily.

Dolichos (Mucuna)-

To cure bloody piles, taking a drop of the mother tincture of Dolichos twice or thrice a day daily for few days is beneficial. It stops bleeding within few days.

Phicus Riliziosa-

If Dolichos makes no impression in the case of bloody pile, use the lower potency of its mother tincture, it will provide benefits.


When the sufferer of bloody piles excretes, blood comes out with force as pump each time of excretion, thus using Phosphorus 30 is very effective for its treatment. This drug is very useful in the treatment of bleeding from any body part.

Use of different drugs to cure blind piles:-


1. 3 potency of this drug can be used to cure blind or dry piles. Due to dryness, the patient feels as if small straws have stuffed in the anus. In this case, bleeding also takes place occasionally; the sufferer feels pain with burning sensation in the anus. Thus, Acculus should be used for the treatment of such piles. 

2. This drug is used also in the case of blind piles when warts appear after swelling of the veins due to impure blood in it.


If the patient of blind piles feels as if straws are stuffed in his anus with pricking sensation; constipation that creates difficulty in excretions, etc., Collinsonia 30 can be used to end such symptoms of the patient.


When the patient suffering from blind piles excretes, wart comes out; he feels pain in his waist and pressure on the anus and feels as if anything is applying force to come out. Thus, to end such symptoms, Rhus-tox 30 is beneficial.

Muriatic acid-

If symptoms like- blue coloured warts with the feeling of pain by touch, he does not tolerate even the touch of the bed sheet, getting relief after washing warts with lukewarm water, etc. are found in the patient, using Muriatic acid 3 is beneficial to end such symptoms of the sufferer. It is also very effective to cure infantile piles.


If symptoms like- persisting pressure and weight on the anus, feeling pain in piles at sitting and standing posture, ameliorating or stopping pain while walking, coming out wart while applying force at the time of excretion, feeling pain and burning sensation in the anus, feeling burning sensation also in the condition of watery loose motions, feeling pain inside and outside of the anus, etc. are found in the patient suffering from blind piles, taking Ignatia 200 is beneficial to cure such patient.


If constipation starts too with blind piles in the patient, Nux 30 should be used to end such symptom.

Treatment in the condition of watery secretion from warts with different drugs:-


If the piles patient feels heaviness in the anus region that can be due to additional gathering of excreta (stools) or amoebic material or due to hemorrhoids warts. These warts are covered with amoebic material accumulated in the anus, these are painful by touch, and sufferer gets relief after washing these warts with cold water. The groups of warts appear outside the anus and seem as if these groups of warts have hanged like bunch of grapes. Thus, to cure such patient, using Aloe 6 or 30 is very effective.        


If the hemorrhoids patient has been suffering from bleeding from warts, he feels as if any dot is kept on the opening of the anus, the intestines do not work properly, bleeding keeps on at the time of excretion due to dryness, etc., using Anacardium 6, 30 or 200 is beneficial to cure this disease.


If warts of the piles patient come out and are blue in colour and filled with pus in them, remain swell, smell comes out from them, secretion keeps on from the anus and patient feels burning sensation on that area, etc., treatment with Carbo-veg 30 is appropriate to end such symptoms of the patient.

Treatment of other symptoms of hemorrhoids with different drugs:-


If the wart of hemorrhoids looks like an onion or it seems after coming out as if a cork has placed on the opening of the anus, etc., Lachesis can be used to end such symptoms. 6 or 30 potency of this drug should be used. To end such symptoms, Sepia 30 can be also used.  


If the hemorrhoids patient feels pricking pain like needle in their warts and feels as if injected needle has removed out by anyone, warts come out and if he gets relief by hot fomentation, etc., Arsenic 30 should be used to end such symptoms of the patient.


If the following symptoms are found in the hemorrhoids patient like- watery loose motions occasionally, coming out wart at the time of excretion, having difficulty in urination, feeling pain in the waist, aggravating the symptoms  of disease by thinking and taking meals for a long time; mostly, such types symptoms are found in those patient who do not work hard, but take ghee and spicy food stuffs in enough quantity or taking enough alcohol (liquor), etc., to end such patient, using Nux-vomica 1x and 30 is beneficial. Few other types of symptoms are also found in such patient like- constipation, feeling for excretion but stools does come out even after trying much.


If the patient feels pain in the anus as if it has filled with lead pieces, feels pain with burning sensation for several hours of excretion even in the condition of coming watery (thin) stools, warts comes out, etc., taking 3 or 6 potency of this drug is very useful to end such symptoms of the patient.

Acetic acid-

In the case of women, if bleeding starts from the anus after stopping menstrual secretion, 3 to 30 potency of this drug can be used.

Nitric acid-

If bleeding stops from warts, but he starts to feel pricking sensation and warts are hanging outside the anus, etc., treatment of such condition, using Nitric acid 6 is beneficial.


If the patient feels as if chilly powder has put near the wart, black coloured bleeding with coming thread like white glutinous matter and irritation, he feels cutting pain with torsion and cramps before excretion, cramp keeps on continuing even after excretion, he also feels thirst and burning sensation on the wart; such types of symptoms can be found in both bloody and blind piles (hemorrhoids), etc., to end such symptoms of the patient, Capsicum 3 or 6 should be used. 


If blood has been coming out from piles in little amount and the patient has been feeling pain in the anus, waist and back with the complient of constipation, first of all, he should take treatment for constipation. The patient feels as if sharp spines have persisted in the anus. Thus, to end such symptoms, Icculus 3 should be used.


To cure chronic hemorrhoids, Sulphur 30 is very useful. It is used only when the following symptoms are found in the patient like- having much constipation problems, stools as the shape of small nodes with wrapping with blood, feeling burning sensation in the anus with producing gritting sound, suppression of excreta, having frequent desire for excretion, coming watery loose motions mixed with blood, etc.


Colinsonea 2x is very useful to end symptoms like- chronic hemorrhoids, feeling burning sensation on the anus, bleeding goes on from the warts, sometimes the warts are blind, the patient feels pressure on the anus with such symptoms.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with different drugs according to the symptoms:-

  1. If a person does not do hard work or taking too much rest and take enough spicy oily food stuffs, liquor (alcohol), etc. and it is the responsible of hemorrhoids, drugs like Sulph, Podo or Nux, etc. should be used to cure such piles (hemorrhoids).
  2. In the initial (first) stage of hemorrhoids, if pain occurs in the wart, Aconite 6 is very useful.
  3. If piles (hemorrhoids) are due to constipation, for its treatment, Nux-vom, Sulph, Icculus, Carbo-veg or Calinso, etc. are very effective.
  4. If piles has occurred with being gathered additional blood in the liver and stools has been coming like mud, etc., Sulphur 30 or Podophylum 6 should be used to cure such patient.
  5. For the treatment of bloody piles, different drugs like- Hama, Acon, Sulphur, Alo, China or Icculus, etc. are beneficial.
  6. In the case of women, if it has occurred in pregnancy period, Acon is very useful for its treatment.
  7. If white glutinous matters come in the condition of hemorrhoids (piles), using Merc is appropriate to cure this disease.
  8. In the condition of piles (hemorrhoids), if the sufferer feels burning sensation like getting water or uncovering the skin, Merc is very useful in this condition.
  9. In the period of pregnancy, if piles have occurred with bleeding from its warts and constipation, pain is paining, etc.; Colinsonea 6 should be used for its treatment.
  10. If the patient feels violent pain in the condition of blind piles, treat this disease with Acon to cure it and if he feels much burning sensation and irritation in the anus, Capsi and in the other symptoms, Sulph or Nux-vom should be used.
  11. If piles have occurred with dysentery, using Alo 6 is very effective to cure it.
  12. If hemorrhoids have become chronic and the sufferer has become lean, for the treatment of such patient, Ars or Sulphur should be used.
  13. To cure blind piles or in the first stage of it when patient has been feeling pain, use Aconite 6 for its treatment. It will provide benefits.
  14. If the hemorrhoids patient has the following symptoms like- burning sensation and producing gritting sound in the anus, etc., treatment of such patient, Capsicum 6 is very useful to cure it.
  15. In the case of chronic blind piles (hemorrhoids), taking Nux-vom 30 in the evening and Sulphur 30 in the morning is beneficial.
  16. If piles have become chronic with sperm disordering, Ferrum is very useful to cure it and if other symptoms are found with this disease, Hepar-sulphur or Nitric-acid should be used.
  17. In the suppression of piles, taking Sulphur or Puls is beneficial.
  18. If white glutinous matters have been coming out with occurring piles, for its treatment, Mercurious Solu-bilius or Aconite 6 should be used. It provides benefits.

Few other treatments of piles (hemorrhoids) in addition to use different drugs:-

  1. The hemorrhoids patient should never eat over roasted or fried food stuffs or stimulants like- alcohol (liquor), meat, fish, chilli, curd, etc.
  2. He should not do such activity (work) like- riding a horse, sitting at oblique posture, holding the motion of urine, eating stimulants, excess copulating (sexual intercourse) with women, working hard, sleeping on very soft bed and standing for a long time, etc. because it can be harmful.
  3. Taking whey, goat’s milk, papaya, dry grapes, almonds or pear, etc. are very useful to him.
  4. If the hemorrhoids patient has the complaints of constipation, he should take sugar candy, butter and peels less sesamum, etc. all together. It will provide benefits.
  5. Soak sesamum or gram in the night and eat it in the next morning. It helps to end constipation.
  6. To stop bleeding from the warts, apply 25 drops of the mother tincture of Hamamelis on them after mixing it with approx 58 gram (1 chhatank) of water and then tie a bandage on them. It will provide benefits.   
  7. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water after getting up in the morning and before going to bed in the night is very useful for the hemorrhoids patient.
  8. If washing the warts of blind hemorrhoids with cold water or lukewarm water, it provides relief in pain by making it lesser.
  9. Mix the mother tincture of drugs like Colinsonea, Ratanea, Hamamelis and Icculus, etc. altogether and immerse a small piece of clothe in this mixture (solution), it should be placed at the opening of the anus. It will provide benefits.
  10. The sufferer should never apply force at the time of excretion, because it can be harmful.
  11. Do not sit too long for excretion.
  12. Do not apply much force for urination.
  13. If he suffers from constipation much, take proper treatment for it.
  14. If he has gained much weight, try to loss it.
  15. If he feels too much problems, take him to an expert doctor and treat him properly.