Pictorial advice for different sudden conditions


In case of getting injury in head-

  • First of all, clean the wound with detol.
  • Then, tie a bandage on it so that bleeding would be stopped and the wound would not get infection.
  • Make the sufferer lie down straightly.
  • Carry him/her to a doctor immediately or call a doctor at your house.

In case of feeling difficulty in breathing or speaking-

  • Give 5 flaps on the sufferer’s back by making him/her bow. Be careful that anything is entangling inside his/her mouth or not.
  • By holding him/her from back side, give 5 flaps on his/her chest.
  • Then, after giving 5 flaps on his/her back, check his/her mouth. If anything is present inside his/her mouth, remove out.
  • Now, give 4-5 flaps on his/her stomach according to figure and move him/her with speed.
  • Carry him/her to a doctor immediately without wasting time.

In case of feeling obstruction in breathing in children-

  • First of all, give flaps on the back of suffered child.
  • Check his/her mouth and throat.
  • Give flaps on his/her chest.
  • Repeat this activity once more.
  • Carry him/her to a doctor immediately.

Giving pressure on the chest at the time of stopping heartbeats-

  • If carotid artery is absent, start giving primary treatment immediately.
  • First of all, make the sufferer lie down straightly and put his/her hands on his/her chest (as shown in figure).
  • Put your palm on each other and clutch them tightly.
  • Pressure the ribs hardly by putting your hands as the position shown in figure on chest. Give artificial breath also to the sufferer periodically.

Giving artificial breath (through mouth)-

  • First of all, make the sufferer lie down straightly and check his/her mouth that anything has entangled inside his/her mouth or not, it yes, brings out that thing.
  • Make his/her neck according to figure so that his/her breath would not be stopped even due to tongue.
  • Close his/her nose with your fingers.
  • Take in deep breath and fill it inside the sufferer’s mouth.
  • Repeat this activity again and check his/her conditions.

The right posture for making the sufferer lie down in case of fit attacks or unconsciousness-

  • First of all, make the sufferer’s neck and head backwards so that he/she has not any difficulty in breathing.
  • Place your left hand under his/her hips.
  • Place our right hand below his/her left ear as shown in figure and make him/her as slanting position by bending his/her knee.
  • Turn him/her towards yourself carefully.
  • Make his/her lying posture according to given figure.
  • Be careful that he/she has no any difficulty in breathing and allow him/her to move even little until a doctor came. 


  • Way of taking unconscious child in the arms.
  • Ways of making unconscious child to lie down.
  • Take help of any other for giving primary treatment to the sufferer in case of getting hurt or injury on his/her waist or neck. Try to turn his/her sides gently without moving his/her neck and back. (As shown in figure).