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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

           Phytolacca is a useful drug to end the symptoms as slight pain in whole body with restlessness. It affects much to the glands. The use of this drug is useful in swollen glands with warmness. The activity of this drug is powerful on the bones tissues and muscle covers.  

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as pain in the bones, pain in bone joints, burning in throat, purulence, burning in mouth-palates, diphtheria, tetanus in children, lose of body weight and troubles during dentition.    

The use of Phytolacca drug in different symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as desire of abandoning all the things, do not feel like to take partnership in peculiar competitions, insanity and loath for alive.  

Head-related symptoms:-

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as dizziness, painful ulcers on the head, pain in rear portion of forehead, pain over the temples and eyes, pain in joints of skull bones, feeling pain to be rain and crusty wound on the skull.   

Symptoms related to eyes: -

           If a patient has such symptoms as irritability on the skin of eye region, sensation of sand below the eyelids, feeling hot edges of eyelids, sore in the duct of tear gland and lachrymation, using Phytolacca drug is beneficial for the treatment.  

Nose related symptoms: -

           In such symptoms as- discharging excessive watery mucus from the nose, presence of cold and catarrh and mucous secretion from one side nostril and posterior nares, the use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial.  

Mouth-related symptoms: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as crave of teeth grinding during dentition of child, squeezed teeth, downwards hanged lip, turned outwards lips, locked jaws, stressed chin downwards the sternum, sensation of redden, rough and scalded tip of tongue, bleeding from mouth, blisters on mouth edges, appearance of a shape like map on the tongue, teeth marks on the tongue, cracked marks on the tongue and viscid and salivated tongue,       

Symptoms related to Throat: -

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as bright red or blue marks on the throat, rapid pain in tongue root, swollen mouth palate and glands, sensation of a round inside the throat, throat irritation, swollen glands of mouth palate especially right gland, appearance of black and red shapes, shooting pain in the ears when swallow, presence of white, brown, thick, viscid and yellow mucus on the throat membranes that are difficult in removing, difficulty in swallowing to any hot thing, feeling stress with tightness in the gland of ear root, diphtheria with throat burning and beginning pus, sensation of burning in the throat, pain in root of tongue that aggravates to ear, swollen tonsils of throat with white spots that turn into wound after meeting together and provide pain to the ears, feeling entangling mucus lump in throat and the patient clears throat again and again for removing that mucus; enlarged tonsillitis with swelling, burning in the glands of palate root, swelling in fauces and root of palate root, burning in the throat with pain, difficulty in swallowing the water due to rapid pain.

Abdomen related symptoms: -

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial in pain of right intercostals with spots, pain in the joints of abdomen muscles, pain in navel region, complaint of burning and jerking on navel, crushing pain in digestion system and abdomen, constipation and cardiac weakness in senilities and blood discharging from rectum.  

Symptoms related to Urine: -

           If a person has such symptoms as scanty in urine, urine pressure, burning with pain in the renal portion and discharging lime like chalk and egg whiteness in the urine, use Phytolacca drug for the treatment of such patient.   

Symptoms related to Female: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as breast burning, intolerable pain in the breast with hardness, presence of ulcer in breast, enlarged breast glands, breast cancer; complain of purple, painful and hard nipple, ulcers in nipple, pain in the nerves of right ovary side, coming menstrual excretion in excessive quantity and again and again, crankiness in teats region with small wounds, burning in nipples, pain in nipples during and before the menses, secretion of much milk from the breast, pain in nipples when suckles and effects of pain in whole body.     

Symptoms related to Male: -

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial in such symptoms as painful testicles with hardness and shooting pain from base to the penis. 

Heart-related symptoms: -

           If a patient feels entangling of lump in the throat as well as also suffers from cardiac pain and pain in right arm, the use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial for the treatment of such patient.

Symptoms related to respiration: -

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as hoarseness, inability in speaking, difficulty in breathing, troubles of dry cough, complaint of cough with mucus, aggravation in cough at night, slight pain in sternum portion or middle of the chest, attack of cough and pain in the joints of lower skeleton bones of muscles.    

Symptoms related to back: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as light pain on the back, increasing pain that reaches to lower sacrum, feeling weakness in the kidney with slightest pain, stiffen back especially pain after awakening in morning and in the wet climate. 

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

           The use of Phytolacca drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as shooting pain in right shoulder, stiffing and inability to up the arm, pain in joints, increasing pain in the morning, sensation of such pain as electric shocks, displacing shooting pain, pain towards inner thigh parts, heels pain, feeling relief to left the heel, pain like shocks, pain in the legs, feeling a fear to left the feet, swollen feet with painful ankles and feet, pain in feet fingers, pain in the whole body, crushing pain, groaning and aggravation in symptoms when move the hands and feet.  

Symptoms related to skin: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as frequent itching on the skin, complaint of dried, shrunken and vapid skin, appearance of pimples on the skin, abscess that heals to be layers, swollen glands with hardness, wound like scarlet fever and presence of moles and warts. This is very effective drug in the primary stages of skin symptoms.

Symptoms related to arthritis (rheumatism): -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as painful arthritis with pain and swelled nodes due to gonorrhoea, dryness with swelling on the joints, pain and swelling on the membranes of femur due to syphilis and misuse of mercury and aggravation in symptoms in humid weather or at night.   

Symptoms related to cholera: -

           Phytolacca drug should be used to end the symptoms as cholera of children, practicable of cutting the gums, addict to cut everything, appearance of these symptoms during dentition and presence of diarrhoea or other symptoms during these symptoms.

Aggravation: -

           The symptoms aggravate from intolerant for electric changing, to sink, in rainy weather, to live in moist climate, in chill climate, at night, from chill air, to move and in the right portion.

Amelioration: -

           The symptoms are ameliorated from heat, in dry weather and from taking rest.

Relation: -

           Some qualities of Rhus-Toxicodendron, kali hydriodicum, Mercurius, Sangui, Arum and Bryonia drugs can be compared with Phytolacca drug.

Adverse: -


Removing the Bad Effects: -

           Milk, salt, belladonna and mezereum drugs are used to remove the bad effects of Phytolacca drug.

Complementary: -


Dose: -

           The mother tincture of Phytolacca drug should be used in 3rd potency to end the symptoms. The external use of this drug should be used in the case of burning in breast.