Physical relation in married life



When both man and woman get marry, sex knowledge becomes very necessary for both. This thing can be said in other words in a way that appetite is natural process of all. There are two kinds of hunger first is stomach hunger and second it hunger of the body. Stomach hunger takes a man in its grip since the birth but hunger of the body takes birth in adolescence and puberty. Nature endowed us meal to end stomach hunger but for bodily hunger, society has made a system of marriage. After marriage, a man has a wife to end bodily hunger. This relationship is accepted by all.     

Physical relationship is ignored very much after marriage. Sometimes, physical relationship is considered the lowest and unimportant step of love. This is the reason that many men pay no attention on sexual relations. They forget that all kinds of satisfactions are necessary for happy married life.

Body of a man is affected very much by the mind. Several scholars accepted this fact. This thing suits properly in the reference of sexual activities. If a man has fear, jealousy and hate in his mind during sexual intercourse, he cannot make successful sexual intercourse. If we ask to a man about his sexual life, he will answer that the cause is a kind of fear.

Life of a man disturbs completely because of a fear existed in the mind. For example, if a woman fears from the pregnancy after sexual intercourse or she will be able to satisfy her husband or not, she will not take the real taste of sexual intercourse in this kind of mental state. On the contrary, if a man fears how he will nurture his child if his wife becomes pregnant after sexual intercourse or he fears whether he will be able to satisfy his wife or not, he will not taste the real sexual pleasure while making sexual intercourse with his wife.

This feeling of fear takes birth in the mind after long contemplation or sometimes it takes birth suddenly. Often, many men are unaware about the fact how the fear existed in their mind will be dangerous for their married life. There are several forms of this condition as inferiority and lack of sexual knowledge. a fear existed in the mind in the form of anxiety stops a man to get the real sexual pleasure.

A kind of fear should not be inserted into the mind. Besides it, a man should have sufficient sex knowledge. A man with complete sex knowledge should make sexual relation with great confidence. If a man does so, he takes great sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. 

Often, it is observed and heard that ways of thinking of a married couple are same. There is no ill feeling in their minds towards life. Both are physically healthy. On the contrary, their sexual life is not running properly in the lack of sex knowledge or due to incomplete sex knowledge.

This thing can be said in this way that if a girl, who has no worldly knowledge or she never went out from her home, is get married, she will not have no knowledge what things are necessary after marriage and what are precautions after marriage? She has no knowledge what the inlaws family members want from her and what works are to be done by her at the home of her husband after marriage. If the girl takes some tips from her friends or family members, she will get no positive result.

If someone asks to a man what will he do on the first intimacy after marriage, he will say that he has full knowledge. Here we want to tell such kinds of men that they know only one thing and nothing more about this relationship. If somebody asks them about the sexual techniques, they will not reply properly. 

If someone makes sexual relation with woman without sexual knowledge, what is the difference between the sexual relations of man and animal? In this situation, a man should have patience, understanding and proficiency while making sexual relation. It is called a technique and through this art, a man differs from an animal in the reference of sexual intercourse. If a man makes sexual relation with the help of techniques, he proves a good and proficient lover. In this way, a man proves better than the animal on the bases of techniques.

Successful sexual relation is the base of successful married life. Sexual relation has a power to advance whole life. Feelings of sex play a very important role behind all kinds of our activities. Some people have this feeling in uncontrollable state and some have a little. Nothing is strange in it. Two persons in this world cannot be same completely. it is universal truth.    

If we observe in our locality, we find when a boy goes to meet a girl, he keeps on combing his hair and observing his dressing for long time before his meeting. The same thing happens with the girls, they keep on watching their faces before the mirror or combing their hair if they are going to meet their boy friends. Many women beautify their faces in the beauty parlors. Sex plays a very important role behind all kinds of activities done by girls and boys. It is other thing whether he has full knowledge or not.  

Often, we meet many men failed in love in our locality. Such men show different kinds of symptoms of this failure. Some symptoms are as he always remains in gloominess, he is not aware about his dressings. He is not aware what work is necessary for him to do. The same condition is with the girls. A girl, who beautifies herself before mirror for many hours, goes out without seeing her face. On the contrary, a kind of improvement comes in those boys and girls who have found their life partners according to their wish.   

Paying attention over himself by a man or not paying attention over himself shows whether this man was in love or not and whether he has got success in love or not. We want to give everything to our beloved of which we love most. It happens if we are in love. Doing so gives us great pleasure. 

In foreign countries, many men as traders inquire their employee whether he is married or not before giving him job. They ask also whether their marriage is successful or not. They do so because of one mentality in which they think that a man will see everything in a positive way if he has love in his life and he will do every deed happily.    

Rules to get success in married life:-

Lovemaking and fore play:-

An attraction of the first sight between boy and girl should be kept on sustaining forever because zest and zeal towards life decreases if there is lack of attraction towards each other. This zest towards life ends after some days if both husband and wife neglect it. Sometimes, the lack of this attraction generates hate in each other’s heart.

It is said that when a person loves someone very much, the person hates that girl or woman very much if his or her relationship breaks because of any reason. As attraction towards each other ends as zest disappears soon and a kind of gloominess prevails over the life.