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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Phosphorus drug excites to the mucous and serums membranes as well as degenerate them with a burning. It creates burning in spinal cord and nerves, as a result the symptoms of paralysis occurs. It destroys to the bones especially lower jaw and femur of leg. It makes the blood contaminated by which it creates passion decline of blood vessels and every system and fiber of the body. Thus it is the cause of hemorrhage, contaminated blood and jaundice.     

This drug destroys digestive system or body nutrition and is the causes of liver swelling. This drug creates troubles in the people who are long and thin with shrunken chest and thin and clean skin. It is the cause of debility due to biologic fluids, nerves weakness, body parts curvature and troubles of juicy natured people.  

           Phosphorus is a useful drug in the hypersensitivity from external effects, light, voice, smell, to touch, electric changing in climate, storm, etc. This is also useful in sudden created symptoms, senselessness, perspiration and shooting pain in the body. 

        Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as excessiveness of iron in the blood, anemia, destroying bones, enlarged body meat and sirosis

          Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as wound on the body muscles, feeling burning sensation and pain in the nerves, burning in respiratory ducts, symptoms of paralysis, the troubles caused by excessive use of iodine and salt and aggravation in symptoms to lie on left stomach side.

           Phosphorus should be used to end the symptoms as thirst stage of syphilis, skin diseases, and sediments in nerves, the troubles caused by cold and burning in the bones.

        Do not use lower potencies of Phosphorus drug and not use again and again for the treatment of the tuberculosis of long and muscular person, otherwise it will destroy and consume the tuberculosis lumps.

          The use of Phosphorus drug is beneficial in the symptoms of lack of blood due to any discharging, as a resulting the face of patient is swollen and bloated around, and the upper eyelids are swollen.

The use of Phosphorus drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as- lack of curious, irritability, feeling a fear, such sensation as any colorful thing is appearing in each corner, a condition of penetrating vision divine insight, startling suddenly, intolerance for external impacts, poor thinking power, madden behavior, symptoms of paralysis, undesired for a joy, fear of impending death to be alone, feeling mental tiredness, insanity with a royal sensation, excessive excitement in the body, warmth in the whole body and temporal nature with sensation of uproar surround.   

Head-related symptoms: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as dizziness in senility, vertigo after awakening, feeling heat on the spinal cord, neuralgia with burning in the body, blood freezing in the head blood vessels, restless mind with feeling coolness in head rear portion, vertigo with senselessness, feeling tighten skin of the forehead, itching on the skull, hair dandruff and baldness.   

Symptoms related to eyes: -

           The use of Phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms from cataract with faint looking or unclear vision due to dust in front of eyes, sensation of sharp pulling over the eyes, looking black point in front of eyes in the flying condition, well looking after shade with hands over the eyes, feeling tiredness in brain and eyes without use, looking green round of light around the lamp, pulse weakness, swelling in the region of pupils and eyes, shukalmandal whiteness like a pearl, feeling long and bended eyebrows, lack of vision power due to tobacco use, pain in the orbit bones, replaced eye centre, symptoms of paralysis on the external body parts, sensation of double in every things, eye-related symptoms due to over coition, glaucoma, thrombosis of corneal ducts, degenerating changing in corneal ducts, presence of symptoms related to eyes in the old age, appearance of black lines in eye region, weak eyesight and troubles of eye-cornea.

Symptoms related to eyes –

           If a patient has such symptoms as hearing deficiency especially voice of human, frequent buzzing sound in the ear and typhoid with hearing deficiency, use phosphorus drug is beneficial to end these symptoms.

Nose related symptoms: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms related to the nose as sensation of air like fan air in the nostrils, nosebleed, nosebleed instead of menstrual excretion, fetid and very sharp excretion, burning in the membranes of nose bones that are only imaginary  and occurring catarrh with slight nosebleed.     

Face related symptoms:-

           If a patient has such symptoms as face etiolating, various troubles, swamped cheek, tearing pain in facial bones, appearance of red and round spots on one side or both the face sides and swelling in lower jaw, using phosphorus drug is beneficial to end such facial symptoms.   

Mouth related symptoms: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms related to mouth as bloated mouth, gums bleeding, gums wound, toothache after clothes washing, appearance of dry, greasy and red or white tongue while thick tongue coat is absent, bleeding from gums after rooting up the tooth, wound in infant mouth during suckles, sensation of burning in pharynx, frequent desired of chill water and pharynx stricture.  

Symptoms related to Stomach:-

           The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as feeling appetite just after taking meal, sour taste with sour belching after the meal, vomiting of eaten meal with eructation, vomiting of hot water from stomach, stricture and tightness in heart tube, food scarcely swallow and comes up in mouth again, pain in stomach, feeling relief to take chill and icy products, burning sensation in the stomach and throat that aggravates to intestines and the troubles of eating too much salt.         

Abdominal Symptoms: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is prompt to end the symptoms as feeling cold in the abdomen, acute and tearing pain the abdominal, feeling weakness and cavity in the stomach, swamp sensation in stomach, deposited blood with burning in the liver, jaundice, troubles related to pancreas and appearance of large and yellow spots on abdomen.    

Symptoms related to stool: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as fetid excretion with wind, secretion of long and narrow stool like dog’s stool, difficulty in flushing, craves for excretion to lie on left stomach side, diarrhea, feeling weakness in the body, excessive excretion, presence of fluids like mucus and sago in the stool, sensation of opened anus, feeling weakness after excretion, bleeding from rectum during excretion, secretion of white and severe stool and bloody piles.        

Symptoms related to stool: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as haematuria with nephritis and profuse of turbid, brown and red sediments in urine. 

Symptoms related to male: -

           If a person has symptoms as loss of sexual power, excessive excitement for coition as a resulting gets semen discharging and emission due to sexual dreams, using phosphorus drug is beneficial.  

Symptoms related to Female: -

         The use of phosphorus drug is appropriate to end the symptoms related to female as burning in upper membrane of uterus, chlorosis (green sickness), hemorrhage from uterus, menses is too early, it is not excessive quantity but keeps on occurring for long time; screaming before the menses, sensation of needle pricking in nipples, discharging leucorrhoea in excessive quantity but it has lancinating pain before the menses, bleeding from the nose, mouth, ear and other body parts instead of uterus, presence of wound on the breast with fetid watery pus and burning, and violent sexual desire in women.    

Symptoms related to respiration: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as throat irritation that aggravates in the evening, pain in larynx, sough in the throat of such people who speak over, hoarseness, feeling excessive rawness in throat in the evening, difficulty in speaking due to larynx pain, throat sough with cough, aggravation in symptoms from chill air, laughing, to talk and hot place; attack of dry and hard cough with feeling tightness, blood depositing in lungs, sensation of burning with pain, hotness and congestion in the chest, feeling prickly pain and a burden on the chest, fast respiration, suffocative chest as a burden is kept; feeling warmth in chest, burning in the lungs arteries with respiration prevention, aggravation in symptoms and cough to lie on left stomach side, body shivering when cough; discharging rusty, bloody and this yellowish sputum, throat pain with frequent cough attack, nerve-related cough that aggravates to smell a odour, aggravation in symptoms to enter in unknown houses or to talk with strangers and aggravation in symptoms to lie on left stomach side and to live on a chill place. 

Heart related symptoms: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms related to heart as intense heart pain when lie on left stomach side, fast nerves palpitation with a prevention and softness, chlorosis (green sickness) with chaos right body portion and feeling warmth in the heart.     

Back-related symptoms: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms as sensation of burning with a pain in the back, feeling broken waist and warmth in middle of scapulas and weakness of spinal cord.

Symptoms related to external body parts: -

           The use of phosphorus drug is prompt to end the symptoms as aggravating pain in crown of hands and feet fingers, symptoms of paralysis in hands and feet, sensation of needle pricking in the joints of elbow and shoulders bone, burning in feet soles, excessive weakness with body shivering from much labor, difficulty in holding a thing with hands, sensation of burning and spoiled muscles in thigh region, numbness in hands and arms, compelling to lie only right stomach side, appearance of paralysis on patient body, sensation of ant crawling on the hands and feet and sudden turned bones of the body.    

Symptoms related to sleep: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as improper sleep especially after the meal, opened eyes during asleep with anxiety, complain of sleepiness in old aged people, sensation of fire, blowing blood and sexual dreams at night, delay in sleeping at night while feeling weakness after awakening and sleepiness due to frequent squint.    

Symptoms related to fever: -

           If a patient has such symptoms as- chill feeling in the evening, feeling cold in knee at night, lack of biologic power in the body, lack of thirst while feeling abnormal appetite, tuberculosis with irregular nerve palpitation, viscid perspiration at night, delirium with screaming and crying at all the times and excessive perspiration, use phosphorus drug to get benefit.      

Symptoms related to skin: -

           If a patient suffers from small ulcers on the skin with excessive bleeding and healing ulcers for some time, complaint of jaundice, presence of large ulcers on the skin and small ulcers between these and appearance of black spots under the skin, use phosphorus drug.   

Symptoms related to liver: -

           In such symptoms as- enlarged liver, renal ulcer with pain, feeling pain to touch the liver or to lie on right stomach side, stomach flatulence due to gas trouble, rumbling in stomach, wind secretion from anus, feeling coolness in the whole body and sensation of empty and squeezed stomach, use phosphorus drug to end such symptoms.

Symptoms related to constipation: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms as constipation and secretion of long, dry, hard and strict stool like dog stool.  

Symptoms related to cancer: -

           Phosphorus drug should be used in the cases as bleeding from uterus and blood discharging from the nose, abdomen, anus and ureter after the ending of menses.

Symptoms related to pregnancy:

           The suffered woman can’t drink water while she vomits to see the water and close the eyes when takes bath. Phosphorus drug should be used to end such symptoms.  

Symptoms related to chest:

           Using phosphorus drug is beneficial to get quick relief in pluritis, pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Such patients feel bloody, sweet or salty taste and get aggravation in symptoms to lie on left stomach side or affected parts side.  

Aggravation: -

           The symptoms aggravate to touch of anyone, mental or physical labor, in the morning, to take hot ingest and hot beverages, weather changing, from getting wetness in hot weather, complaint of pain to lie on left stomach side in the evening, during a thunderstorm and ascending stairs.  

Amelioration: -

  • The symptoms ameliorate to live in dark, lie on right stomach side, from cold food, open air, washing with chill water, cold and to sleep.
  • The patient gets relief on head and face from chill wind while the troubles of chest, throat and neck aggravate from cold air.

Relation: -

           Phosphorus is complementary of Arsenic drug also then it is some different from arsenic. This drug is same like Eli-C.

Incompatible drugs: -

           Phosphorus drug should not be used after and before the causticum drug.

Follows wage: -

  • China or calcarea drug is useful after using phosphorus drug.
  • Phosphorus drug removes bad effects of iodine and excessive use of salt.
  • The use of phosphorus drug is beneficial to end the symptoms of chronic and diluet diarrhea.

Dose: -

           3rd to 30th potencies of phosphorus drug should be used to end the symptoms. Lowest potencies or frequent use of this drug should not be used, especially in the case of tuberculosis otherwise the patient may die.