Phlegm origin in the chest of children



          When phlegm gets gathered in the chest of a child because of any reason, it is called phlegm origin in the chest of children. The child feels lots of problem because of the phlegm which has been gathered in the chest.  

Symptoms of phlegm origin in the chest of children:

          In this disease, the child starts to cough and a little phlegm keeps on coming out from the mouth. This phlegm remains in the chest of the child. Chest of the child becomes heavy. This disease of the children can be cured by nature therapy.

Causes of phlegm origin in the chest of the child:

  • If there is any kind of fault or deficiency in the milk of the mother, the child may be the victim of this disease.
  • Sometimes, a child suffers this problem due to cold.
  • If the child takes such foodstuff which produces phlegm, it becomes the cause of this disease.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • If a child has been suffering from this disease, mix one spoon juice of betel leaf in equal quantity of ginger juice. Thereafter mix 2 spoons honey in the preparation and give half spoon to the child at least thrice a day.  Phlegm does not make in the chest of children and gathered phlegm comes out after the use of above medicine.
  • A child should be remained far from cold along with the treatment. Thus, this disease is cured completely.
  • The mother of the child should keep attention on the nutriment of her milk because lack of nutriment may be the cause of this disease. Therefore, the mother should start her treatment along with the treatment of child. Thus, phlegm is not gathered in the chest and the phlegm existed in the chest comes out.