This is serious problem for men. If a man is the victim of this disease, he cannot establish sexual relation with a woman. In this disease prepuce of the penis contracts too much because of which glans of the penis does not come out properly.

Removing prepuce of the penis backwardly is very essential while making sexual relation. If a man tries to enter his penis into the vagina forcibly, there may be bleeding from the penis or the vagina may be torn with the pressure of the penis. The man cannot establish sexual relation due to wound or pain.


          There are many causes of this disease named phimosis. Some men suffer from this disease by their birth. Several women do not cleanse their son’s penis by removing their prepuce because of which a kind of layer makes at the lower portion of the glans. There is doubt of infection too in this situation and the disease named phimosis can take birth.

          If a man rubs his penis with a hard thing, wound appears on the penis. Skin of the penis becomes very small this is the reason that the problem named phimosis takes birth. Blood does not circulate properly in spite of full erection. In this situation, a man starts to pain due to this reason.   

Formulae or some tips to get rid of the problem named phimosis:-

  • If a person has been suffering from this disease, he should not remove his skin towards back forcibly. If he does so, he can become the victim of another disease named paraphimosis too. In this situation, pressure of the blood becomes high at the frontal portion of the penis. Glans of the penis swells very much due to this reason. A kind of foul smell is produced in the lack of treatment of the disease.
  • Consult to sexologist if a man has been suffering from this disease for safety.
  • Best treatment of this problem is only operation that is called circumcision. Foreskin of the penis is cut off from the skin by numbing the skin. After sometime, the wound recovers and the man can establish sexual relation without any problem after one or two months.  
  • Men should pay too much attention on the cleanliness of the penis. Stigma is produced at the glans of the penis. If this stigma is not removed, there may a doubt of infection. In this situation, the man becomes the victim of this disease.
  • A man should wash the glans of the penis properly by removing the foreskin backwardly after urination. Penis should be cleansed properly while taking bath. Soap also can be used to clean the penis.

Faimosisa phaimosia