Phaseolus Trilobis Ait



Name in different languages:

Latin              -           Phaseolus trilobis ait

Hindi              -           Ban moong, Mugvan, Mugni, Latiya, Rakhalakalmi

Sanskrit         -           Mardugaparni, Kakparni, Suryaparni, Maarjargandhika

Marathi          -           Ranmug, Muganbel

Gujrati            -          Jungle mag, Adbau mag

Bengali          -           Mungani


        Phaseolus trilobis ait is small, dry, pungent, sweet, cool, stimulant. It makes digestion system strong. It is useful to remove tridosha, burning sensation, swelling, fever, diarrhoea, sprue, piles, tuberculosis and arthritis. It kills stomach worms and checks blood disorders.

Useful for Different Diseases:

1. Anorexia: Eating moth is useful to cure anorexia and increases appetite.

2. Uterus: Eating its bread (chapatti) makes uterus pure after delivery.

3. Excessive Sweatiness:  Grind toasted moth to make the flour. Mix one pinch moth and half spoon salt together and rub it on the affected part, it prevents over sweat.

4. Blood Sprue: Boil moth and mix with scraped onion. Eating it checks blood sprue.

5. Diarrhea: Take four grams powder of moth root with whey twice a day, it checks diarrhea.

6. Amoebic Dysentery: Somewhere people know it as the name of Gobhi (cauliflower). Boil moth and mix well with onion juice or onion pieces. Eating this preparation provides relief in blood amoebic dysentery.

7. Indigestion: Mix rice water with asafetida and black salt powder and take it with warm water, it provides relief in indigestion.

8. Rheumatism: Grind moth and prepare sweetmeat (Laddoo). Eating it is useful to get relief in chronic and acute rheumatism.