Introduction: -

Specially, Petroselinum drug affects to the urinary bladder. This is useful drug to end the symptoms related to bladder. It is also useful in the symptoms of piles with itching on the anus.  

The use of Petroselinum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to urine: -

Petroselinum drug should be used to remove the symptoms as feeling stinging pain and pricking in urinal vent after urinating, incontinence urinating of infant following by feeling pain by that the infant jumps and runs; burning and stinginess from upper perineum of ureter to the urinal vent, feeling tickling in the pit of urinal vent often, incontinence urine during gonorrhoea, itching in urinal vent deeply, scratched with a severe thing due to itching, pain in the root of the penis or vent of bladder, milky secretion from urethra with deeply pain and itching and sexual excitement.

Symptoms related to stomach:-

Petroselinum drug should be used to remove the symptoms as feeling over thirst and appetite and undesired of eating and drinking after seeing the meal.

Relation: -

Sativus, Canth, Merc and Can drugs are used to end the symptom of incontinence urination, while Petroselinum drug is also used to remove such symptom. Therefore, some qualities of above drugs can be compared with Petroselinum drug. 

Dose: -

1st to 3rd potency of Petroselinum drug should be used to end the symptoms.