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[ P ] Related homeopathic drugs:

Introduction: -

Petroleum drug is the cause of Akouta, cracked skin and pimples because it activates especially on the skin. Its activity also impacts on the glands region and digestion activities. 

Petroleum drug is used to cure several types of skin diseases especially eczema and herpes of each body part. This drug cures all the types of skin diseases.

This drug is used more to cure pimples inside the ear, around the ear and on the hands.

Sometimes, a person seems like the leg has divided, someone is laid on his bed and two children are laid nearby him during slumber and unconsciousness. The women suffered from such symptoms thinks like how will she nourish the two children, and these symptoms tease to the women. Mostaly such symptoms are present in the women who are suffered from puerperal fever, typhoid, diarrhea and other symptoms. The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms of disease.         

Petroleum is a useful drug to cure the troubles caused by overuse of a drug or fever caused by using Quinine.

Petroleum is an antisoris drug like sulphur-Graphites, lycopodium and causticum medicines. It is a useful drug to check the poison of lead.

The use of Petroleum provides relief in aggravated skin troubles in cold season, feeling relief in summer season and diarrhoea after healing the skin diseases.

The use of Petroleum drug in various symptoms: -

Symptoms related to Mind: -

Mentally troubles are aggravated due to skin symptoms of this disease. Petroleum drug should be used to end such symptoms as forgetful to own way in streets, occasionally sensation of someone is laid in patient side or illusion to be double, feeling death coming so patient works fast and wants to complete quicker, irritable natured, unsatisfied to each matter and poor eyesight with dullness.  

Head-related symptoms: -

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial in such symptoms as headache with feeling cold air blowing, head numbness, feeling strict head, feeling heaviness behind portion of the head, sensation of nausea, frequent and intouchable pain behind portion of the head that pain increases to eyes over the forehead, feeling glaucoma for some time due to rapid pain, stiffen body with unconscious, feeling head heaviness like the lead, head ulcer and excessiveness behind the ear, untouchable pain following by numbness, headache, aggravation in symptoms to jerk during the cough, and the patient keeps tight the temples to get relief from headache.  

Symptoms related to Eyes:

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial to end the symptoms of glaucoma (faint vision), fast-sightedness, unable to read the letter without help of glasses, tears dropping from eyes, blepharitis (burning in the side of eyelids), cracked eyes corners, dried and crusty skin around the eyes and falling eyebrows.

Ear-related symptoms:

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial in the symptoms as- tinnitus aureum, sensation of very noise especially where the people talk to each other, presence of abscess inside and behind the ear, crusty wound with rapid itching, untouchable pain in wounds, cracked skin in ear region, sensation of several voices in ear in the cold season, secretion of pus from the ear and hearing deficiency. 

Nasal related symptoms:-

Petroleum drug should be used for curing such symptoms as nostrils wound, cracked nostril, nose burning with itching, nosebleed, secretion of water and layers from nose and discharging like mucus.

Face-related symptoms:-

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial in the symptoms as dried and shrunken face. 

Stomach related to symptoms:

If a person feels warmth with heart burning as well as suffers also from sour belching, stomach flatulence, feeling stomach emptiness, undesired to eat greasy things and meat, facing troubles to eat cabbage, sensation of appetite after the excretion, retching with water filling in mouth, pain in the digestion system, feeling relief after eating while the stomach is empty and starve hunger at night, use Petroleum drug. The patient suffered from such symptoms feels also an odour of garlic.  

Abdomin related symptoms:

Petrolium drug should be used to end the symptoms as- watery diarrhoea in the day time with itching on the anus, aggravation in diarrhoea to eat cabbage, sensation of empty stomach, feeling pain in empty stomach and relief to eat something frequently and pain in abdomen during pregnancy.   

Symptoms related to Male:

Petroleum drug should be used to end symptoms as attack of wound like ringworm below the navel and over the gelital portion, sensation of burning in swollen prostate gland and itching in urethra.

Symptoms related to external parts of the body:

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial to end any symptoms from head throbbing before menses excretion, itching on genitals, excessive secretion of cereal fluids in leucorrhoea, feeling wetness with wound on the genitals, sensation of itching and a plaster on nipples, leucorrhoea presentation everyday, sexual dreams at night and vaginal itching with sweating.     

Symptoms related to respiratory organs:

The use of Petroleum drug is useful to end the symptoms as throat irritation, attack of whooping cough with suffocation at night, as much rapid cough as cause of headache, feeling suffocation in the chest, sensation of much chill air, dry cough at night, which rises from chest, larynx irritation and diptehria

Heart-related symptoms:

Petroleum drug should be used to end symptoms as feeling coolness in the heart with syncope, irregular heartbeat and over exciting in heart.

Back-related symptoms:

If a patient has such symptoms as- pain in the joints of neck rear, back stiffing with pain, feeling weakness and pain in back region and pain in the below portion of backbone, using Petroleum drug is beneficial.  

Symptoms related to external body parts:

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial to end benign sprain in a body part, coming offensive sweat from armpit, knees stiffness, burning pain in the knees, feeling rough, tattered and chill fingers that are cracked and crackling in the bone joints of body.  

Symptoms related to skin: -

Petroleum drug should be used to end any symptoms as itching in the body parts at night, wounds with burning in the body parts due to cold attack, painful cracked finger in the winter season, pus-full wound due to a stroke, appearance of wound due to sleeping on the bed, dried and shrunken skin, cracked and rough skin, attack of different wounds, maturated wound on skin caused by a small scratching, crusty wounds on the skin, presence of pimples on the hand, presence of thick and green crusts on the skin with burning, itching and sensation of redden and cracked skin, bleeding from wound, Akouta, attack of redden, salty and burning wound on the skin, cracked wound on the skin that aggravates in winter season, crops of small pimples with pus-full crust on the skin before attack of eczema, as much chronic gonorrhea as the patient feels itching in urethra and can’t sleep at night, crops of small pimples with itching and burning between the anus and urinal vent (an watery contaminated fluid discharges from these pimples after splitting), presence of pimples on the hands and feet, appearance of eczema on the feet, anus, testis and behind ears in the skull; the hands of patient is cracked and blood discharges due to eczema, such symptoms aggravate in winter season. Such skin diseases appear on those body parts where the skin is dry, rough and cracked especially in crown of fingers.          

Symptoms related to stool: -

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial in the sympomts as stomachache of diearrhoea patient, diarrhoea caused by cabbage, fruit of averrhoa carambola (Kamrakh), during pregnancy or stormy weather, chronic diarrhoea that aggravates only in day while lives quite at night, secretion of yellow, diluet and sharp stool, intestinal pain with diarrhoea, stinging pain in the anus and anus tube, scratched piles and crust of wound in the anus. 

Symptoms related to Urine: -

Petroleum drug should be used to cure frequent urination with itching in the ureter and chronic gonorrhea with ureter itching.

Symptoms related to fever: -

The use of Petroleum drug is considered beneficial to end the symptoms as presence of fever after body shivering due to cold following by beginning perspiration, feeling warmth on the head and face, aggravation in symptoms at night and perspiration from feet and armpits.  

Symptoms related to cold: -

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial to remove such symptoms as- feeling cold after 6:00 P.M., nails cyanosis, feeling excessive cold in opened air and itching over the body. 

Symptoms related to heat: -

Petroleum is a useful drug to remove head warmth, face dryness and appearance of fever on the whole body.

Symptoms related to perspiration: -

The use of Petroleum drug is beneficial in the symptoms as perspiration from different body parts at various times, often presence of perspiration after cold and lack of warmth feeling.

Aggravation: -

The symptoms aggravate in the storm or before it, to eat cabbage and fruit of averrhoa carambola, to touch the affected parts during pregnancy, from wetness, to travel, to the inert activity, in winter season, after the meal and from mental disturbances.   

Amelioration: -

These symptoms are ameliorated to keep the head on altitude while lying, from warmth air, in dry place and to walk.

Relation: -

Some qualities of carbo, Phosphorus and Graphites drug can be compared with Petroleum drug.

Supplementary: -


Removing the bad effects: -

Nux and Cacculas medicines are used to remove the bad effects of Petroleum drug.

Dose: -

3rd to 30th and higher potencies of Petroleum drug should be used to end the symptoms of disease. Occasionally, higher potencies are much useful to remove the symptoms.