Petit Fever Leaves



Name in different languages:

English              -            Petit fever leaves

Hindi                 -            Sang kuppi, Laan jaei

Sanskrit             -            Kundli, Samudra yuthika, Van jie,  Ban Yuthika

Bengali              -            Ban jaie, Ban jamut, Vatraaj

Gujarati             -            Tivar

Marathi              -            Vanjae

South                -             Esan dhari, Sang kuppi

Tamil                 -             Achli

Latin                 -             Clerodendron inerme linn gaertn


       Petit fever is bitter, alkali and nutritive. It abates fever and ends depression. It alleviates poisoning. It is very famous all over Asia because of having good ability of antipyretic. Its properties are equal to chiretta but in case of fever its quality is more effective than chiretta. It is also very beneficial in malaria and relapsing fever.