Permanent Changes after Delivery


Pregnancy articles:


          Changes after child birth (delivery) are natural in the body of fair sexes. Few women are conscious about their body from the beginning of pregnancy resulting there are minimum changes take place in their body. Many times it does not seem that such women have become pregnant earlier. However, few small changes come in the body of women necessarily, which are as follow-

Anemia (deficiency of blood)-

          After giving birth to young ones, there are two reasons of anemia (deficiency of blood) in the body of fair sexes. First, over bleeding during delivery and second, not going for blood test. Sometimes, shades are also fallen on the face of few women in increasing phase of their pregnancy due to lack of balanced diet. In such condition, it is very important to give diet rich with iron element to the delivered woman up to 3 months after child birth. In addition to it, capsules, peels or medicine can be given to such women to take.     

Changes in skin after delivery-

          The dry skin of few women is become drier after giving birth to young ones. So, she should use quality oil on her skin. On the body of the woman having over weight, matured wound starts appearing in red appearance. So, she should not allow her weight to increase. For losing body weight, she should take exercise under the guidance of an expert.

The body weight of women-

          During pregnancy, the weight of maximum women is increased which can be 8 kg to 12 kg including the weight of fat deposited on the body, additional water in the body and the weight of baby, uterus and amniotic fluid. After delivery too, the problem of over weight is found. if she feeds her baby with her breasts up to 3 months regularly after giving birth, her increased weight is become normal like that previous. But, her weight goes on increasing by eating additional fatty diets, dry fruits, etc. if the women do not take exercise; their body becomes heavy and starts appearing shapeless.

          In the other hand, few of them are also who do not like to feed their baby with their breasts for maintaining the shape and beauty of their body as well as they take foods also in less quantity.     


          After delivery, normally the women have complaints of constipation. This complaint can be eliminated completely by changing her dietary habits. For eliminating constipation, the chaff or tablets of fleawort should not be taken. Because, your intestines will become as you eat. In case of constipation, she should need to take liquid thing abundantly, green vegetables, curd, pulses and other liquid diets.

Hairs after delivery-

          Hairs fall after breaking, thinness of hairs, grey hairs, stopping the growth of hairs, etc. are common after delivery. But, all these problems can be eliminated by caring hairs properly.  

Teeth of women after delivery-

          After delivery, the shining of women’s teeth is decreased. Crackling in teeth, hole in teeth, gums swelling and pus in it are chief problems. For avoiding such problems, she should massage her gums as well as keep the teeth clean during pregnancy. It eliminates teeth related problems.  

Varicose veins-

          During pregnancy, varicose veins grow. Due to continual pregnancy, these veins are grown too much and are harmful for body. The varicose veins in feet take long time to be cured, however fomentation with lukewarm salty water, sitting always with raising feet, keeping pillow under feet while sleeping, standing for longer, etc. are beneficial in such condition. Varicose veins can be treated by surgery and injection too.       

Spots on the skin after delivery-

          During pregnancy, the skin of breasts, stomach and thighs are being stretched due to which marks in light appearance start appearing on the body skin of fair sexes. Such types of marks appear in extra on the body skin of such women having over weight or those having two children.

         The weight of fair sexes remains under control by massaging the body and taking exercise daily. Marks appear in less on the skin due to controlled weight. Plastic surgery is also done for erasing marks and spots on the skin.

Changes in breasts-

          Due to continual changes in hormones during pregnancy, the breasts of women are become long and heavy. In this condition, if she does not care her breasts properly, the shape of them is being changed. If the breasts became loose or hanged down once, they do not able to take their earlier shape and size. So, she should need to be careful about her breasts.

            It makes the nipples deep in appearance and the color of skin around it is become normal for ever.

Changes in feet after delivery-

          Due to over physical tiredness, working in standing posture for longer, walking for long distance, wearing covered shoes, etc. the feet of woman are become bad in condition, because the ligaments muscles of the body and the tube act as tying two bones are become loose causing changes in the shape of feet.

Changes in steps of woman after delivery-

          Due to hormones during pregnancy and after delivery, the shape of bones is changed causing changes also in her steps. Due to it, she feels pain in her waist and hips. To get rids of such pain, the women should take easy exercise too after giving birth. It is beneficial for them.  


          Piles are appeared in women during her pregnancy period. It is normal but piles appearing during pregnancy are become more violent as well as cool down also by itself gradually. But, she has to feel violent pain and troubles in sitting and standing as well as in doing her routine works too due to it. If piles are persisted even after delivery, it should be treated immediately. It can be treated by injection, operation, laser treatment, proper cleanliness and with the help of medicines.     

Urinary problems after delivery-

          After delivery, most of the women are lost their control on urination. Urine comes out even by coughing or sneezing due to pressure. She should need to take light exercise to overcome on this problem.   


         The perineum is the section of woman’s body where stitches are done after delivery. Stitch marks, flabbiness of muscles and pain are persisted for few days. The pain of stitches is eliminated gradually by taking exercise and with passing time. However, few of them feel pain during sexual intercourse. In such case, she should need to consult her doctor immediately (without wasting time).

          If a doctor stitches after delivery, its marks can be seen on its edges. Blisters can be seen in the vagina due to wound after child birth. A type of watery liquid goes on leaking from these wounds which may be responsible for burning and swelling too.    


          In women, the uterus too is become more big and thick comparison to previous after delivery. In first menstrual flow, blood comes out in additional volume. Like this, additional blood goes on coming out up to 6 months and the shape of uterus becomes normal gradually due to it. It takes place due to changes in hormones. Few women feel pain during menstrual flow and in few of them, it is absent.